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When is Fraxel not really Fraxel?

Fraxel is the proprietary name of the leader in fractional laser resurfacing. Unfortunately, with success comes imitation and that means there are imposters out there. Doctors who purchase these less expensive (and in my opinion, less effective) technologies and tell their patients that they are getting Fraxel when in fact they are not, are not serving their patients’ best interests. The machine should have the Fraxel name on it and the delivery of the Fraxel laser energy should be with a special rolling device that insures even distribution of the energy.

There are different types of Fraxel. My preference is the Fraxel Restore and the newest Fraxel advance called the Fraxel Dual. The Fraxel Dual uses two wavelengths of energy: the first is the original 1550nm Restore which penetrates into the dermis to stimulate the patient’s fibroblasts, resulting in new collagen over time. The second wavelength is the new 1927nm which ablates the top layers of the epidermis to remove sun damaged, discolored and dull skin. After five days, the patient's skin glows as the discolored skin is expelled and the plumper skin is revealed.

This new Fraxel Dual technology is revolutionizing fractional laser results. Fraxel 1550nm (Restore) remains my favorite technology for treating acne scars. It can be safely used in most ethnic populations. Fraxel Restore combined with the Dual 1927nm has proven to be a quantum leap in treating photoaging. Because photoaging has both dermal atrophy as well as epidermal pigmentary disturbances, the Restore + Dual together are the best technologies out there for anyone wanting minimal downtime and dramatic improvement in 1-3 treatments.

Fraxel also has success in treating the stubborn condition of melasma, but patients must understand that maintenance skin care is of paramount importance to the long term control of this relapsing skin condition.

Only a Fraxel Dual can deliver Fraxel Dual results.

For additional information on Fraxel Restore please read the following article:

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