Fraxel facts from a Board certified New Orleans dermatologist

The Fraxel Dual fractional laser is an advanced technology to improve aging skin. This non-surgical technique to refine skin tone and texture is sweeping the New Orleans area like a hurricane. However, many men and women still have some reservations about the science behind laser skin therapy and its safety. Let’s take a moment to understand the facts about Fraxel.

First, Fraxel is a brand of lasers with roller application for precision. Not all fractional lasers are the true “Fraxel.” Fraxel lasers break beams of light energy into thousands of segments. They penetrate skin to promote natural collagen remodeling without harm to tissue cells surrounding each micro-beam. Fraxel Dual utilizes two different wavelengths of light to stimulate deep cell renewal while exfoliating dull surface cells and pigmentation spots. The process is a terrific way to address sun damage, age spots, melasma, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, and actinic keratosis (pre-cancerous lesions) without surgery.

Fraxel laser technology first received clearance by the FDA in 2003. Fraxel therapy is available in over 80 countries through more than 2,500 physicians. More than 800,000 Fraxel procedures have been performed so far. In the hands of a qualified clinician with training and experience, it is safe and effective for all ethnicities.

Treatment takes 15 to 45 minutes. Additional appointment time may be required to allow topical anesthetic to take effect. Best results occur with three to five sessions scheduled two to four weeks apart. Healing time is typically five days, during which you may continue regular activities and wear cosmetics, simply protecting your skin with sunscreen. Visible improvement occurs in one to three weeks as dead surface skin sloughs off and deep collagen remodeling takes place.

At the Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology, we use genuine Fraxel laser devices. Treatment is customized to your specific goals and skin type by precisely controlling penetration depth. Fraxel treatment is well tolerated by most patients, and we take extra steps to ensure your comfort during and after the procedure.

Fraxel laser technology isn’t scary or dangerous, but rather a powerful weapon in the fight against time. It’s ideal for the patient whose needs go beyond the results of a topical cream, but who isn’t ready for the expense, risk, and extended recovery period of cosmetic surgery.

Call the Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology in New Orleans at 504-777-3047 to schedule a laser therapy consultation.

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