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Dr. Lupo Segment
Interview with Dr. Mary Lupo – 2014 New Orleans Winner for Doctors’ Choice Awards in Dermatology
Dr Mary Lupo tips & advice for a Healthy Glowing Skin

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Supplements to Help Keep Your Skin Safe
There's a new solution for thin, wrinkled lips - Enzyme from salmon eggs excellent for skin care
In a podcast interview with Beauty Expert Michele Garber, Dr. Lupo discusses "Exfoliation: How, Where, Why and With What?"
New fix helps treat wrinkled hands
An answer to get rid of your double chin - Quick Long Lasting Acne Scar Treatment
Wrinkle Free Friday: Treatment said to improve skin with no downtime
Wrinkle Free Friday: Serum hydrates skin, reverses years of damage
Warnings from local doctor over less expensive, fake botox
Mary Lupo, MD, FAAD, discusses potential use of ATX-101 to treat 'double chin'
Finesse is key to avoiding exfoliation mistakes

Drug to help remove 'double-chin' one step closer to market
New product reduces bags under eyes a day at a time

New product helps you look younger in subtle, natural way

New treatment to reverse damage to skin on neck, chest

Solutions for skin problems in the Summer
Causeway commute coupled with sun can damage skin
Plant chemical protects against sun damage
Doctors find new treatment for skin ailment called rosacea
Eyebrow threading gaining popularity in America despite risks
New inexpensive treatment deals with problematic toenails
Device can repair sun damage

Rosacea Awareness Month

Medical Issues and treatment for Darker skin

Warnings for buyers of cosmetic products or services online
Easy fixes for skin damage to neck area

Using your own skin cells to repair skin damage

Injections now used to treat fine lines

Patients trying first FDA-approved treatment for cellulite
Hormones play vital role in skin's health

New fat-melting procedure takes less than an hour
Solutions for sagging skin under the arms
Laser Technology offers hope for problem skin
SilkPeel Dermal Infusion Video Interview

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Titan Laser Treatment

New treatment tightens skin and melts fat without surgery

New cream might help tighten skin

Health Matters 2 minute segment

One Syringe Wonder Retstylane

Injecting Restylane
Dermatologist New Orleans - Restylane/Perlane

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