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Q. I have very fine lines on my cheeks. Once I went to a doctor and he used Perlane and I had lumps for months. Should I try filler?

A. Perlane is an excellent product, but it is only as good as the doctor injecting it. Perlane should NEVER be used on fine lines as it is too thick. Perlane is better for nasolabial folds, lips, cheeks. You should look into Belotero, a new hyaluronic acid injectable from Merz that is especially good for fine lines. I would also find a new doctor as using a thick filler in fine lines suggests a lack of experience and/or poor judgment.

Q. I have heard about a new filler called Belotero. Please tell me if it is good?

A. Belotero is another hyaluronic acid filler. FDA approved in 2011, it seems to work best in finer lines. Many prefer it because it might leave less of the Tyndall Effect, which is a bluish hue to the skin from other hyaluronic acid fillers, seen when filler is injected high in the dermis for fine lines. The down side of Belotero is that the product has been released with no added lidocaine to reduce pain. Patients have been so spoiled with Restylane L and Juvederm XC, that many do not want a product that hurts. Speak to your dermatologist about this new filler and its pros and cons.

Q. I am hearing about a new filler called Belotero. Should I try it? I currently have been getting Restylane L injections for my fine lines.

A. Good question for you to discuss with your board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who gives your injections. As a rule of thumb, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is an expression in this part of the country. Why change if you are happy? The Belotero might be better for fine lines as it is less likely to give the Tyndall effect, but talk to your doctor. Full disclosure: there is no lidocaine with Belotero, so you will feel the injections more than with Restylane L.

Q. I have lines on my forehead that will not go away with Botox. I have no movement there when I lift my eyebrows, so I know the Botox is working. Is there anything else that can be done for my wrinkles?

A. You should talk to your physician about trying a hyaluronic acid filler to treat static wrinkles still present after Botox. Botox only improves the lines caused by movement. Some lines are caused by sun damage and collagen loss. A great option is Belotero, a newly FDA approved filler to treat superficial lines. Its smooth composition makes it ideal for fine lines on the forehead, around the eyes and the lips.

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