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What is Belotero and how can it help improve the appearance of New Orleans patients?


New Orleans patients who are struggling with imperfections such as lines and folds on their faces may begin to feel self-conscious about the signs of aging. Many feel young and vibrant, but don’t believe that their outward appearance reflects this inner energy. Patients who want their outer aesthetics to match their inner beauty are encouraged to consider dermal fillers such as Belotero, and speak with a board certified dermatologist in regards to the benefits that it can provide.

Belotero is a brand of dermal filler created from hyaluronic acid that allows patients to soften lines and wrinkles of the face. Hyaluronic acid is a material that exists naturally in the body, and is absorbed over time. This makes it a safe and effective way to volumize troublesome areas of the face. Belotero is commonly used on areas of the face such as nasolabial folds and lip lines.

Belotero is similar to many other types of dermal fillers. It is injected into areas of the face to fill the lines and folds, to rejuvenate a tired, dull, or aging face. Results are seen immediately, and patients love leaving the office looking years younger. Depending on the severity of the lines and wrinkles addressed, results can last as long as six to nine months, though this may vary among individuals. Patients who want to maintain the results they achieve are encouraged to visit twice a year for regular injections.

Patients undergoing injections are educated on any side effects that may occur, though they are often short-term. Redness, irritation, itching, swelling, and bruising may occur after injections, but typically last a day or less and will resolve on their own. However, if any of these issues persist for several days, patients are encouraged to contact Dr. Mary Lupo for a follow-up appointment.

The team at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology is here to help patients feel better about the way they look! Those interested in learning more about dermal fillers, injectables, and other treatments available at her practice are encouraged to contact her team at (504) 777-3047 and schedule an initial consultation appointment.

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