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Q. I am hearing a lot lately about procedures to reduce unwanted fat that are not as invasive as Liposuction. Can you explain more about these options?

A. The exciting news is that fat reduction options do now work. Localized fat reduction can now be achieved non-surgically with 3 different types of modalities: radiofrequency (Exilis), freezing (Zeltiq) and ultrasound (Liposonix). As with all procedures, it is important to put your trust in a board certified dermatologist whose office has extensive experience with the device. Exilis is my choice because it is safe to do large areas, but also smaller areas that are NOT safe with ultrasound. Also, ultrasound cannot be performed on patients with a history of hernia repair, laparoscopic surgery, past liposuction, or less than 1 cm of fat. It is also not to be used over bony prominences like the hip bone. Patients cannot be on any anticoagulants as severe bruising is possible. Exilis is cleared for all of these situations. Freezing has limitations because the suction can only "grab" a certain amount at any one time, which is very limiting. Exilis does require 4 sessions over 2 months, but our patients have been very happy with their results. Remember that with all of these options, best results will be seen long term if they are combined with decreased caloric intake and increased activity.

Q. After having a baby, I have a small pooch of fat around my navel as well as severely loose skin after losing 35 of the 45 pounds I gained during pregnancy. What is my best option to get back into a bikini?

A. Exilis radiofrequency skin tightening and reduction is perfect for your situation. This device has two attachments. One reduces fat and tightens skin, and the other just tightens skin. Exilis gives me the flexibility to do exactly what you need. Other devices such as Liposonix are not safe for small amounts of fat, and it does not tighten as well as Exilis. Exilis is also well tolerated and has no bruising.

Q. I am past menopause and not at all happy about the new inner tube I have around my middle now. I have both a pouch in the front and love handles on each side. None of my clothes fit very well and with the fat around the middle, it is making my butt look flatter than it is. I looked into freeze treatment, but the machine can only suck a handful of fat at one time. Plus, I have heard from many it is so painful, both during and for weeks later. One of my friends had to take a powerful drug, Neurontin, for several weeks to bear the pain. I am interested in other non-surgical options. What can you suggest?

A. You are a perfect candidate for Vanquish. It is the only device FDA cleared for CIRCUMFERENTIAL fat reduction. It is perfect for tummy/love handle combinations and also for inner and outer fat at the top of the thighs. Vanquish works by radiofrequency waves that damage and empty fat cells. The fat is reduced evenly with each session. You are never lopsided from one love handle being treated and you need to schedule the next session to reduce the other love handle. I urge you to look into this option for what is bothering you. Good luck.

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