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What body contouring options are available in the New Orleans area?


At the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans, we understand that both men and women deal with body contouring concerns. Some patients may have a little extra weight on specific areas of the body that make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. This may be on the thighs, arms, or abdomen. Most patients come to Dr. Mary Lupo because she is an experienced dermatologist who has a state-of-the-art practice with some of the latest technologies for achieving a more desirable body. Patients interested in body contouring options that are less invasive than plastic surgery are welcome to ask about our services, which include treatment with Vanquish, Exilis and Vaser.


Vanquish is a procedure that uses radio frequency energy emitted from special panel devices to administer heat to the deep layers of the skin to destroy unwanted fat cells. This procedure is best to reduce larger circumferential areas like the abdomen, love handles or thighs and can provide gradual results over the course of time so the new shape looks completely natural and unlike "work has been done."


Exilis uses a hand held device that is applied to the skin. It produces monopolar radio frequency to increase metabolism and allow the fat cells to shrink. This is a highly desirable alternative to plastic surgery and can provide natural results without downtime or healing.


Like Exilis, Vaser both reduces fat and tightens the skin. This device uses ultrasound rather than radio frequency to improve body concerns.

Vanquish, Exilis and Vaser have been used for patients of many different ages and they can offer amazing results over time without having to deal with the risks and disadvantages of plastic surgery.

Patients in New Orleans or the surrounding areas are welcome to contact Dr. Mary Lupo of the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology to find out more about these effective methods of treatment and determine whether they are appropriate options for improving body contours. Our practice has some of the most revolutionary technologies and we enjoy investing in these safe, effective treatments to provide only the best to the patients who visit our practice. Call us today and find out how our practice technology can enhance your skin and body!

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