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Q: I have recently heard about unusual uses for Botox. One friend told me you used Botox to enlarge the lips? I thought fillers were used for this?

A: What a great question! And one I have never gotten before, even though I do this in my office frequently. You are correct that fillers are the most common medical treatment for small and wrinkled lips (I am currently an investigator in the clinical trial for a new filler to be introduced in a few years to the US market --keep tuned!). Botox, however has a use around the mouth. First, it reduces excess movement of the obicularis oris muscle and improves those annoying lipstick lines. But there is another interesting use of Botox around the mouth. There is a way to use Botox in order to roll the lips outward rather than inward when a person smiles. This allows you to see the red part of the lip better and gives the appearance of bigger lips without changing the size of the lips at all. It is a popular alternative for those afraid of the dreaded fish lips that look ridiculous from too much filler. The doctor must be a very experienced injector to give you a natural result. Thank you for the question so more people can know about this procedure.

Q: I have Bell's palsy. What can I do to improve my smile?

A: Bell's palsy is usually the result of a virus or illness and the facial nerve on one side becomes weak. It can be temporary or permanent. Minute injections of Botox into key points on the normal side gives you improved symmetry when you smile.

Q: I have heard that Botox can be used to give a Nefertiti face lift. Can you explain?

A: This technique is using Botox along the jaw line and into the platysma neck muscle. This relaxes the pull downward on the lower face and gives definition to the jaw. It works extremely well when combined with Sculptra to the cheeks and in front of the ears, and Exilis or Ultherapy to the lower face and upper neck.

Q: I have one eyebrow much higher than the other. What can I do to improve that?

A: Botox is the answer. I evaluate the asymmetry, then I have you animate, making certain faces to see how your muscles move and if one is stronger than the other. I then inject certain key areas to even out the brows. I have found that if it is done regularly over a few years, it becomes permanent over time in many patients. Check my gallery of results to see more.

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