Botox/Dysport - Related Questions

Q. How long before my Botox kicks in?

A. The full effect from Botox may not be seen for 2 weeks, but in general, within 3 days you will begin to see relaxation of your lines.

Q. I tried a new doctor who suggested I try Dysport instead of Botox. I hate the way I look. I now look mean and I lost the arch of my brows. Frankly, I look like a guy! Do you think it was the Dysport or the doctor?

A. Odds are, it was the injection pattern used by the doctor and not the fault of the Dysport. I have often said, what is being injected is only as good as who is injecting it. Your medial frontalis was over injected. This can be fixed with a little more product in just the right spots. See if the doctor recognizes the problem and tells you she can fix it. If not, move on.

Q. My dermatologist does filler on me regularly and I have had Dysport to treat my frown lines. She has recently suggested Dysport around my mouth. I have never heard about that! I'd like a second opinion.

A. Dysport, and its better known competitor, Botox, are FDA approved for frown lines and excess sweating. Dermatologists often use these neuromodulators for other "off-label" indications. In very small doses, Dysport can be used for lipstick lines to relax lip pursing. It can be injected into the chin for excess dimpling, and finally nearer to the jawline to lift the mouth corner (when used with filler, it works better). These injections are trickier and must be done with great care. It should not be used on musicians, singers or people who make a living from talking.

Q. I have a downturned mouth. It makes me look sad, even when I am happy. Since Botox helps decrease frowning, can it help that sad look?

A. Yes, Botox can be injected into a muscle on each side of the mouth called the depressor angularis oris (DAO). This muscle pulls the corner of the mouth down. It is a tricky injection and should be done conservatively, and it works best with filler into the marionette area, but it does improve that sad look.

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