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Q: I am planning on getting a chemical peel and would like to know what I can do to make sure I have a good result.

A: Studies have shown that prior to any resurfacing procedure, a good skin care protocol can improve results. I usually combine an antioxidant with sunscreen in the morning and some form of topical prescription retinoid with growth factors in the evening. I prefer for the patient to be on this program for several weeks prior to the peel and to discontinue the retinoid the week immediately preceding the peel. I usually restart everything immediately after the peel except for the retinoid, which I restart one week later. I put patients on an anti-viral drug, but I do not use antibiotics prophylactic. Keeping the skin moist to avoid crusting and always avoiding the sun after peeling are good practices. These things will prevent redness, infection and hyperpigmentation.

Q: I've had bad under eye bags, lines since I was little but have been told that I' m ineligible for blepharoplasty (I' m 22 years old and I have anemia, asthma, hay fever and borderline diabetes). Can a chemical peel safely get rid of my under eye wrinkles? Also, are chemical peels safe for people with allergies? My allergies can cause my eyelids to swell up, crust over, and peel. I am also prone to styes (so I can't get fillers). Suffice it to say, my eyes are very sensitive.

A: The likely reason for the eye bags and wrinkles is the underlying allergies. Chronic swelling and redness, and your likely rubbing in response to the allergies has stretched the skin, changed the texture, and caused a pocket to fill with the fluid formed as a result of the inflammation. Interestingly, chemical peels like TCA are tolerated well by those with skin allergies, but first, I'd do the following: 1. Take an oral antihistamine, decongestant daily to reduce the itch, swelling, and fluid pooling. 2. Sleep ONLY on your back, and on 2-3 pillows. Face sleeping worsens the bags. 3. Lumierre eye cream is worth a try. You can return it for full refund if you are allergic. Try doing a test spot first just in front of your ear. 4. Cool compresses with cold milk may decrease some inflammation and this is an excellent homeopathic remedy for this delicate area when inflamed.

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