Chemical Peels - Related Questions

Q. What are lunchtime peels?

A. Lunchtime peels refer to light peels that can be done during a brief office visit and have no subsequent downtime from crusting or significant peeling. In order to have an effect such as improving acne, rosacea, and discoloration, a series of 3-6 should be performed, one every 2-4 weeks.

Typical chemicals used include 20-30% salicylic acid, 10-30% glycolic, and 10% TCA. There are excellent proprietary peels such as the Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels, and the Theraplex peel.

Q. I have dark skin and have issues with uneven skin tone from acne scars. I am wondering if a skin peel would help (and hopefully get rid of) this condition.

A. I have been doing chemical peels here in New Orleans on darker skin since the 1980's. Chemical peels are safe and very effective for darker skin, especially for acne and discolored acne scars. The trick is proper skin preparation, using the right peeling agent and having a good post-peel protocol.

Q. I am seeing that TCA is available online. Please advise how best to use this product.

A. I do not recommend you ever self-treat with OTC internet peeling agents, especially TCA. This acid can cause significant changes to skin color and even lead to permanent scarring if not used correctly. This is not something you do after a weekend course or some online training.

Q. Can TCA be Used on a Fair Complexion which Tans Easily?

A. By your description, you are skin type 2. So you have lots of options to improve your skin texture and color. TCA peeling is certainly a great choice, but Fraxel Dual, IPL, and Silkpeel are other reasonable alternatives. Be sure to see a doctor experienced in all and who owns the lasers (like the Fraxel Dual) to give you the treatment that fits best for your needs, budget and social schedule.

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