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Q: After reading information online, I found your name as an expert on non-surgical rejuvenation and would like your opinion regarding which would be better for me: Clear and Brilliant or Fraxel Dual? I saw you do both. I am 38 years old.

A: Great question. This is one I answer every day. It is nice that at my office I have both the latest technologies from Solta: Clear and Brilliant/ Permea as well as Fraxel Dual. At 38, you are a candidate for either. This is how I help my patients choose: Clear and Brilliant is usually done several times since it is a gentler laser designed for true no “downtime”. I will alternate Permea (for pores and to brighten the color) with the Clear and Brilliant (to stimulate collagen production) at separate visits. Most people get 3-6 sessions over several weeks/months. It is perfect for the less severe and those who cannot miss any work at all or are in front of the public. Fraxel Dual, while called no downtime by some, has downtime the way I do it because I do both lasers on the same day. My patients experience redness and flaking for five days, but most people only do one treatment, sometimes two. So if you want fewer visits, go with Fraxel Dual. If you are less severe, or want fewer and more gradual improvement, choose Clear and Brilliant/Permea series.

Q: In the past, I have gotten "lunchtime" peels to brighten my skin. Is Clear and Brilliant/Permea laser better?

A: When I see a patient in my office who has signs of early photo-aging from tanning or because they did not wear a sunscreen every day, I like to give them options. I pride myself in acquiring the very best new technologies as they become perfected (that is why I don’t always get the first version of a technology. The updates are always MUCH better). I also do not forget tried and true procedures like chemical peels that I have been performing since 1983. In general, you will get more collagen stimulation with Clear and Brilliant/Permea than you will with lunchtime peels. Both cause light bronzing of the color of the skin and mild dryness. Both are safe and well tolerated for all skin types. Peels likely are better if you have active acne or are on a budget. There is a disposable tip needed for the laser which increase the cost, but you will get more anti-aging benefits from the Clear and Brilliant/Permea than lunchtime peels.

Q: I am 30 years old and am concerned about the appearance of my skin. I have blotchy brown spots and my pores are getting larger. When I was younger, I did not listen to the advice not to sun bathe and go into tanning beds, so I also think I have too many lines. I am now using sunscreen and good skin care, but what else can I do to reverse the aging appearance of my face and perhaps gain some lost ground in my new battle against aging?

A: I am so glad that you are taking better care of your skin. Many people in their late 20's and early 30's have come to my practice in New Orleans to ask about procedures to reverse the sun damage and premature aging that was caused by years of sun abuse and tanning bed visits. There are many procedures that are appropriate for young people. They are less aggressive and in fact, are becoming mainstream options to treat skin aging by acting in a preventative way to slow the aging of the skin's appearance. First and foremost for that need is a device called Clear and Brilliant/Permea. This device has special scanning technology like the Fraxel family of lasers, but the energy levels (heat) and the density (the concentration of the laser energy delivered) is designed for correction of early skin damage. Because of the lower energy and density there is little to no pain and no downtime at all. This technology improves blotchy, brown discoloration, fine lines, enlarging pores from sun damage, and even fine lines. Clear and Brilliant/Permea is often also used by older patients who have already done an aggressive Fraxel, and after 1-3 years, need a little booster of their results. The Clear and Brilliant setting is more for the lines and pores. The Permea is more for the blotchy brown discoloration. A board certified dermatologist is best qualified to determine if these procedures are right for you. Good luck and keep up that battle.

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