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Q. I'm in my 30s. Is it too early (or too late!) to start an anti-aging skincare regimen?

A. It is never too early to start an anti-aging skin care regimen. (It is also never too late to start one either) The best anti-aging product to start in your teens is, broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen daily. This will help block the damaging ultraviolet rays that are responsible for most of the visible signs of skin aging. Ultraviolet B rays cause the spotty surface pigmentation and the longer UVA rays cause breakdown of the collagen and elastin in the skin as well as deeper mottled pigmentation. Both wavelengths increase your risk of skin cancers, but UVA also suppresses the immunity of your skin against viruses. Many people have acne as teens, and I actually recommend those that do to continue to use their prescription retinoid (Retin A and Tazorac) even after the acne is better.

The retinoid will prevent an acne relapse but these active ingredients also improve pigment and help fine lines. If you have never had acne, over the counter retinol is the next best thing. I often suggest complementing sunscreen with antioxidants like vitamin C to future prevent damage from UV light that gets past your sunscreen. Using sunscreen, antioxidants and retinoids is the proven path to prevent aging skin. Remember: sunscreens and antioxidants daytime and retinoid at night. In the 20's the skin is still firm, but fine lines can begin around the eyes and on the forehead, especially if you squint a lot, or are overly expressive and raise your eyebrows a lot. Botox is an excellent option in the 20's to retrain over active muscles of facial movement that can cause lines. It seems to work best and longest on younger patients. Contrary to the REAL HOUSEWIVES Botox when done properly looks very natural, and never "frozen". The skin in the 30's can begin to lose some of the supporting fat, especially if you have sun damage. When the lines turn into folds, that is when fillers should be considered. Exciting research now proves that when the skin is stretched by fillers, it actually stimulates your own collagen formation, resulting in longer benefits. It might be beneficial to add peptide cosmeceuticals to enhance dermal proteins like collagen. Skin lightening agents like hydroquinone, ferulic acid, coffeeberry extract, niacinamide, kojic acid are just some of the ingredients to consider to brighten dulled or blotchy skin. Growth factors are found in TNS and Neocutis Biorestorative Cream and are helpful after laser procedures and in aging skin to plump it up and make it more youthful.

Finally, for those people with sensitive skin, consider products with anti-inflammatory properties like green tea, caffeine, kinetin. Exfoliation is a final option for all skin ages. Diamond Glow is a gentle, no -downtime procedure used for mild acne scars and discoloration and is preventative for wrinkles by stimulating collagen producing cells in the skin. Chemical exfoliation with salicylic acid (if red or very oily), glycolic or lactic acid are great to use. Or go with the Clarisonic brush or mechanical exfoliation with mild abrasives. Exfoliation improves penetration of active ingredients and brightens dull and discolored skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. Small pores are a must for all ages.

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