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Q. I had a Fraxel several months ago. Is it safe for me to get on Accutane?

A: Your personal, board certified dermatologist would be the best person to answer you, but in general, YES, it is safe to do Accutane after you are fully healed from your Fraxel. In general, I suggest 3 months mainly so you have a good idea of what improvement you see from the Fraxel. Accutane, in addition to helping acne, improves scars and skin aging. By waiting 3 months you will know what benefit was from Fraxel and what was from the Accutane. It is very important to wait one year AFTER an Accutane course before you do another resurfacing procedure like Fraxel because Accutane inhibits the oil glands necessary for proper healing of the skin and increases the risk of delayed and abnormal healing.

Q: Have you heard of Fractora laser? My spa is promoting it and it is a lot cheaper than Fraxel with my dermatologist. Is it a good option? I know it likely is not as good, but is it safe and SOMEWHAT effective?

A: I have often found that when there is something really special out there, everyone wants to copy it. I myself, foolishly bought a "fractional laser" only to be very disappointed with the lack of effectiveness. As they say, fool me once.... I quickly sold that device and bought the real deal: Fraxel Dual and I have never regretted the choice. There may be pretenders to the throne, but the king on non ablative rejuvenation is Fraxel Dual. Regarding safety, I do not think ANY of these devices are safe in the spa setting. A physician must be present for such a device to be used. Have your spa stick to massages and pedicures and get your medical advice and laser treatments at that dermatologist's office. Your face is too important to take chances to save money and risk complications.

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