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How can New Orleans, LA patients benefit from Fraxel treatments?


Dermatological technologies continue to improve all the time. Changes in the medical field and discoveries are allowing patients to see results they were once unable to achieve. Dr. Mary Lupo in New Orleans, LA is committed to providing exceptional dermatological care and is happy to offer many treatments options to help with common skin conditions and improve the health and wellbeing of the body as a whole.

At the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology, Dr. Mary Lupo and her team provide a wide variety of cosmetic services, including Fraxel, which utilizes a patented unique roller hand piece that is more efficient and uniform than stamping lasers. This laser treatment allows patients to enjoy skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with very little healing and recovery needed. Dr. Lupo uses the most advanced Fraxel Dual laser that allows patients to get two laser treatments in one sitting.

Fraxel therapy can help New Orleans, LA area patients address concerns including:
  • Freckles
  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
The Fraxel laser penetrates the deeper layers of the skin without harming the upper layer of the skin. It stimulates the production of collagen to provide natural structural support, which can slowly improve fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and many of the other concerns that come with the signs of aging. It is extremely safe for addressing pigmentation issues as well, and is FDA cleared for the use of many cosmetic enhancements.

Treatment times with Fraxel vary, but many facial appointments can be completed in less than an hour. Patients may have some redness and tenderness of the skin, but will be able to return to their daily activities without any interruptions. Moisturizers and sunscreen are applied to the skin before patients leave the office to protect what has been done to improve their texture and tone.

If you are interested in learning more about Fraxel, contact the team at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Mary Lupo. We are excited to take in new patients to our practice, and look forward to meeting with you!

Meet one of the countrys leading experts in the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology
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Our mission at the Lupo Center is to provide patients with innovative, effective and ethical care to make each person look and feel their personal best. To fulfill our goal, we provide state-of-the-art medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments to all patients.

Board certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology Mary P. Lupo, MD has been a leader in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation since 1983. She travels internationally to teach her innovative techniques, and her reputation brings in patients from around the country. She started the first formal residency training program for injectables and peels in 1983 at Tulane Medical School and served as past president of Women’s Dermatologic Society, adjunct professor of dermatology at Tulane and a founder of Cosmetic Boot Camp. Dr. Lupo holds membership in many prestigious dermatology associations, participates in clinical trials for approval of new drugs and devices and acts as an advisor for numerous aesthetic-minded companies.

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The best dermatologist in all of the Louisiana easily. She’s is very knowledgeable and can help you with your skin conditions. Make sure you tell her everything and don’t be shy because she moves fast, and you may forget to tell her something. But all in all I highly suggest her.
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