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Q.What are my options to improve my stretch marks?

A. Stretch marks, or striae, are from damaged elastin in the dermis. They usually occur after rapid weight gain or growth spurts. The propensity to get them seems to be inherited and they are more common in women especially as a result of pregnancy. Fraxel Restore is one of the best ways to improve striae. 3-6 sessions will be required. Avoiding the sun is important since the sun breaks down collagen and elastic tissue in the skin. The use of Retin A and peptides also seem to help striae.

Q. I have acne scars and I am an African-American woman in my 30's. Which laser is best for treating my scars?

A. In general, Fraxel Restore is a safe option for darker skin. The density (area of coverage) can be decreased in order to preserve pigment cells that will prevent a change in the color of your skin. Pre and post treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation will be very important, and sunscreen is essential to prevent discoloration. If you live in a sunny climate, it might be prudent to have the treatments in the winter months. In general 3-6 sessions will be needed for moderate-severe scars. Remember, ethical dermatologists can only promise improvement, not total clearance, so realistic expectations are important especially if the scars are severe.

Q.Does Fraxel Restore 1550/1927 Work for Acne Scars?

A. Fraxel is one of the best options for acne scars. The newest version of Restore is now called Dual because it is two wavelengths of laser energy.

It has the original 1550nm for non-ablative collagen regeneration. This can be used on all skin types and the energy density used can be varied depending on the patient's skin type, color, and depth of the scars. The new wavelength is a thulium 1927nm laser that has more superficial absorption and is best for discolorations from acne, melasma, and sun induced aging.

The Dual treatment is a combination of the two energies. I mainly do both for aging, but certain acne scars benefit from both lasers' wavelengths. If there is no discoloration, however, I tend to be aggressive with the 1550 and skip the 1927 passes. Only your dermatologist can be sure what is best in your case.

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