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Q. I'm a 35 years old, with a clotting disorder so I take Coumadin daily and was wondering if it is safe to have Juvederm injected into my smile lines?

A. You may have Juvederm injected to improve facial lines and folds while you are taking Coumadin. Your risk of bruising, however, will be much greater. Be sure to plan for bruising. Using Prevedem (from Neocutis) for 2 weeks before the injections and post-injection, Bruise Relief Gel or Cytoactive may reduce the duration and severity of any bruise. It is not worth stopping the Coumadin and risking more serious medical problems. A bruise will go away. A stroke, pulmonary embolism or a heart attack are far more serious.

Q. How Many Vials of Juvederm Are Typically Used for Both Eyes (lower Eye Bags)?

A. Juvederm (which comes in sterile syringes, not vials) should be used conservatively in the under eye area. Swelling for several days is a common side effect. Bruising is also possible. I suggest the injecting dermatologist begin with no more than one half of a syringe to each side the first time. It is far easier to add than to subtract when it comes to fillers.

Q. I have had Restylane in the past for my lips and had a terrible time with swelling. For the most recent treatment I switched doctors and she used Juvederm. I didn't swell at all and I love the results. Why did I have so much unattractive swelling with Restylane in the past? And why would a doctor choose Restylane over Juvederm?

A. It has been my experience that Restylane does cause more swelling in the lips than Juvederm, but there are those that disagree. Interestingly, I find that Juvederm swells under the eyes more than Restylane, so go figure! It is these kinds of subtle differences that make injecting fillers both art and science. There are individual variances in results from person to person and within the same person with different fillers. While Juvederm is the market leader, Restylane has been around longer and is still a good product, preferred by some doctors and patients. I am glad you found the right match (product AND doctor) for you.

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