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Q: I have had Sculptra in the past. Should I try the new Juvederm Voluma?

A: It is always good to discuss all options with your treating dermatologist, but in general, anyone who was a candidate for Sculptra might like Voluma. There are differences, however that may help you choose between these two dermal fillers for non-surgical face rejuvenation. First, Sculptra must be injected over several visits and the effect is very gradual. Some people really like the slow, gradual improvement of Sculptra. Others are impatient and want immediate results. For those patients, Juvederm Voluma is preferred. There can be more variation in the results of the injections of Sculptra since some people’s immune system does not have as robust a response, so less dermal collagen is produced. That collagen stimulation is what causes the delayed, but long-lasting result with Sculptra. Juvederm Voluma, in contrast, if a highly crossed linked hyaluronic acid filler that gives immediate lift and fill. Like Sculptra, these cheek re-volumizing injections require VERY ADVANCED injectors since the technique is more technically difficult and a good artistic eye is necessary to avoid the “golf ball” cheek look that Madonna was wearing a few years ago. Dr Lupo has served on advisory boards for Allergan and is a trainer for the company for Juvederm Voluma, just as she is a trainer for Valeant for Sculptra.

Q: I hear Juvederm Voluma lasts a long time. What if I do not like how it looks after it is injected?

A: Juvederm Voluma is comprised of hyaluronic acid. Just like Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm Ultra/Ultra Plus, it can be broken down by hyaluronidase. The best option is always to have it injected correctly the FIRST time by an experience board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Our training includes basic information on facial aesthetics that is not in the core residency curriculum of non-cosmetic medical fields. Of course, I think the best results are achieved when the physician does the injecting. Make sure your doctor is certified in dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery or oculoplastic surgery. That way you know that they not only completed training in an accredited program, but also PASSED the certifying exam.

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