New Orleans, LA dermatologist describes the benefits of laser hair reduction and removal


Laser Hair Removal Benefits at The Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans LA Area
Both men and women of New Orleans, LA deal with unwanted hair on the face and body. Whether you are tired of shaving your underarms or are embarrassed by significant back and chest hair, there’s a solution you may not have considered laser hair reduction and removal. There are several benefits to using laser treatment to target and stop unwanted hair from growing. Dr. Mary Lupo of the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology can educate you on the advantages of using this treatment to say goodbye to unwanted hair forever!

What is laser hair reduction and removal?

With the use of laser technology, patients can now target unwanted hair and thin it out in the area of their choice. This treatment can be used to remove hair from any part of the body, ensuring permanent reduction or removal depending on the number of treatment sessions patients complete. Individuals who want to thin the thickness of hair in an area may find optimal results with only one to three treatment sessions, while others who want full removal may require six or more. The laser light damages the hair follicles in the treated area that are currently in the active growth cycle, allowing patients the opportunity to achieve permanent elimination.

Who is a candidate for laser hair reduction and removal?

In the past, lasers could only achieve results for patients with dark hair and fair skin. However, with continued advances in technology, we can now treat patients of all ethnicities and hair types with our updated and state-of-the-art devices available at our practice.

What are the benefits of laser hair reduction and removal?

Laser hair reduction and removal is:
  • Comfortable – most patients undergo treatment without any topical anesthetics and our dual-cooling system helps keep patients comfortable during the treatment
  • Affordable – many patients are unaware of how affordable laser treatments can be for most budgets with credit plans available if needed
  • Easy – patients no longer must shave, wax, or tweeze the face and body to address unwanted hair
  • Permanent – the results of laser hair reduction are permanent

Why choose laser hair reduction and removal?

Aesthetic treatments such as this are a personal decision. Some patients are tired of spending money and time removing hair that they would rather permanently address. Even waxing causes hair to return weeks later, and the cycle continues year after year. Others want to achieve the results they desire without having to remove the hair again and again with shaving and plucking. Many patients find that the cost of laser hair reduction and removal is more affordable than they expected and decide to invest in themselves! It is truly the most practical luxury you will ever purchase!

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