The importance of medical dermatology and visiting a qualified dermatologist in New Orleans, LA


Importance of Medical Dermatology and Visiting a in Dermatologist LA area
More often than not, men and women who are experiencing a specific medical concern are likely to work with a specialist for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. The same applies to the health and care of the skin, hair, and nails. New Orleans, LA patients seeking medical dermatology solutions are encouraged to seek out a specialist. This specialist might include a qualified dermatologist at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology.

What is medical dermatology, and why is it important?

There are many areas of specialty in the field of medicine that a professional can choose to specialize in. Drs. Mary Lupo and Skylar Souyoul chose dermatology. Dermatology is an area of medicine that focuses on the skin, hair, and nails. It includes the study, research, diagnosis, and treatment of these areas of the body. The skin is the largest organ on the body and is the most vulnerable to issues due to the environment’s direct impact. Patients seek a dermatologist, the doctor of dermatology, for a wide range of concerns. While many think of acne as a condition that can be improved with the help of professional staff, there are many other concerns that a dermatologist can treat. These include:
  • Examining hyperpigmentation spots
  • Treating psoriasis or eczema
  • Addressing hair loss
  • Treating scarring
  • Addressing nail disorders and infections
  • Screening, diagnosis, and treating skin cancer
  • Controlling conditions such as rosacea
  • Improving skin’s texture and tone

Why is medical dermatology important?

The area of medical dermatology is essential as it helps ensure that skin, hair, and nails are as healthy as they can be. The skin can be a mirror to identify diseases of the liver and certain hormonal disorders. Additionally, when patients are proactive about visiting the dermatologist, they can protect their skin from dangers such as skin cancer.
Skin cancer screenings should be completed annually to catch areas of cancer well before they become a more severe problem. These annual screenings are performed by a dermatologist who has years of training and experience spotting areas of concern that may be indicative of cancerous cells. From head to toe, the doctor will evaluate the patient. If any spots or moles are of concern, a biopsy is performed to remove a portion of the growth. This sample is then tested by the laboratory for cancer. If a patient test’s positive for cancer, they speak to their dermatologist about their options for treatment to remove the skin cancer and resume their life cancer-free when possible.

Why should I visit the dermatologist regularly?

Why should I visit the dermatologist regularly in New Orleans LA area First and foremost, annual visits to the dermatologist are vital for catching concerns such as skin cancer well before they become serious. It is also a good idea to work with a dermatologist to develop a skin care plan and regimen that works best for your unique skin type. A dermatologist can also evaluate other areas of the body to determine if treatments are needed, especially if patients are dealing with acne, rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis. The nails on the feet and hands may also show signs of problems that may indicate more serious issues of overall health. By having the nails evaluated regularly, patients can rest easy knowing they are as healthy as they can be!

Our team can assist with a wide range of dermatology concerns

Medical dermatology is just one area of dermatology that patients visit the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology for assistance. The practice also offers services that focus on the aesthetics of the skin and body. These services are elective procedures that a patient may choose to improve their appearance and address areas of imperfection that may impact their self-confidence. Our dermatologists help patients in the New Orleans, LA area with both aesthetic and medical dermatology needs under one roof, ensuring the best in health and wellness for every patient who visits the practice. Patients who are concerned about their dermatological health are just a phone call away from receiving quality, comprehensive care from one of our experienced providers.

Are you interested in medical dermatology services?

Connect with one of our qualified dermatologists at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology, including Drs. Mary Lupo and Skylar Souyoul. The practice is located in 145 Allen Toussaint Boulevard #302 in New Orleans, LA, and welcomes new patients and families. Call (504) 777-3047 today to book your appointment.

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