August 2021 Newsletter
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A Few Spots Open for

Our Crow's Feet Clinical Trial

If you are looking for a treatment to reduce crow’s feet wrinkles, you may qualify for our clinical trial. 

If interested, please email your name and number to, and we will send the requirements and guidelines to you.

*NO phone calls please!*

15% off August Product of the Month

Our August Product of the Month is Alastin’s TransFORM Body Treatment. This innovative body cream has two indications:

1. As a stand-alone product, TransFORM reduces the appearance of crepey skin on the body (see image below). Its TriHex Technology clears out damaged elastin and collagen and boosts the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen for a firmer appearance on the arms, abdomen, hands, thighs and knees. 

2. When used in conjunction with a fat-reduction treatment, TransFORM penetrates beneath the skin to reach the treated/dead fat cells and accelerates the body’s natural ability to breakdown and remove the dead fat cells – therefore patients see results from their fat-reduction treatment quicker. 

When you purchase Alastin’s TransFORM Body Treatment, you can receive 15% off through August 31, 2021. For in-office purchases, please mention this promo at checkout. For online purchases, please use the promo code “POM15“.


Erase Summer Sun Damage

Over time, especially with exposure to the sun and environmental elements, the skin starts to show wear and tear in the form of wrinkles, discoloration and laxity. Skin resurfacing treatments help to restore a more youthful complexion by removing the most damaged outer layers of the skin to reveal healthier skin beneath while encouraging new cell growth. 

Skin conditions corrected with resurfacing treatments include:
•    Age spots 
•    Dull, blotchy skin
•    Fine lines & wrinkles
•    Freckles
•    Hyperpigmentation
•    Large pores
•    Redness & rosacea
•    Scars from acne, injury or surgery
•    Skin laxity
•    Stretch marks
•    Sun damage
•    Vascular lesions

Skin resurfacing encompasses a variety of treatments designed to renew and revitalize the skin. Depending on the skin type and the skin condition, our dermatological specialists will select one of the following treatments for your needs:
•    Lasers
•    Chemical Peels
•    Microdermabrasion
•    Microneedling
•    Photorejuvenation

Our non-surgical treatments require little to no downtime but limited sun exposure is essential while the skin is healing. Because these treatments are non-invasive, a series may be needed for optimal results. 

Skin resurfacing treatments can reverse the signs of aging, helping you look younger and healthier. When the kids are back in school, let’s get back to you! To learn more about these treatments and to see which one is right for your needs, please contact us at 504-777-3047 or
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Dr. Mary Lupo

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