Radiesse Treatment for Jaw Line in New Orleans area
When fine lines, wrinkles, and folds develop on the facial area, many patients are left longing to have their youthful appearance restored. With the use of cosmetic injectables at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans, LA, patients can now turn back the hands of time without invasive plastic surgery. Cosmetic injectables are safe and effective solutions for reducing the unwanted signs of aging that develop in the facial area, including fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, these fillers can be used as a treatment for improving the jaw line. One common injectable used in this manner is Radiesse.

What is Radiesse?

At our practice, we have a wide range of fillers that can be used to address the fine lines and wrinkles that develop during the natural aging process. Radiesse is similar to other dermal fillers, but is a thicker and more robust gel. In addition to filling the fine lines and wrinkles, it can also work as a collagen stimulator. Collagen is often lost naturally and slowly after the age of 30, causing patients to lose volume that can keep the skin firm and supple. Radiesse is best for:
  • Smoothing out mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Reducing facial sagging
  • Minimizing wrinkles on the chin area
  • Improving the appearance of sunken temples
  • Contouring or defining the jawline in a more noticeable manner
  • Volumizing the aging face

How does Radiesse help the jaw line?

Sometimes the jaw area can experience skin laxity that causes it to droop or become less defined, or you may naturally have a jaw line that doesn’t have noticeable angles and would like more definition in your jaw area.

Because it is a thicker injectable, Radiesse is a great option for contouring the jawline and jowls to provide more definition and help create a more attractive, youthful appearance.

What can I expect during my Radiesse appointment?

First, our dermatologists, Dr. Mary Lupo or Dr. Skylar Souyoul, will consult with you and examine your skin to determine if Radiesse is the right solution for your needs. After you have decided to move forward with Radiesse injections, you can relax for your appointment. A numbing agent will be used on the treatment area before starting the injections to ensure that any pain or discomfort is minimized. Radiesse is then injected directly along the jaw line, temple, or other treatment locations that you have decided on with Dr. Lupo or Dr. Souyoul.

The treatment takes just a few minutes in the office, but when you leave, it will be like you have turned back the clock several years! Many patients are able to enjoy the results of their Radiesse injection for approximately ten months or longer, depending on the area of the face it was injected. Areas where you frequently move your face, such as around your mouth, may need reinjection sooner than areas where less movement occurs, such as the forehead.

Can I become allergic to Radiesse injections?

Radiesse Treatment for Jaw Line in New Orleans area Image 2 The FDA has determined that Radiesse does not require skin testing. It is not allergenic so it is safe in most patients.

Can I use Radiesse with other injections?

Absolutely! In fact, our dermatologist may recommend more than one type of treatment based on your desired results and can educate you on what each therapy does and which might be best for the results you desire. Radiesse can be used alongside other types of injections as well, including other collagen stimulators and neuromodulators such as Botox. By combining various injectables throughout the facial area, you can achieve a dramatic improvement in your appearance that can last many months before you need to visit the practice for touch-up injections.

Am I a candidate for Radiesse?

Contact Dr. Mary Lupo in the New Orleans, LA area to find out if you are an appropriate candidate for Radiesse injections to improve the appearance and alignment of the jaw line or other areas of the face. The Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology can be reached by phone for an appointment by calling (504) 777-3047, and visiting the practice at 145 Allen Toussaint Boulevard #302.

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