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What is Radiesse?


Radiesse is a cosmetic dermal filler that is used to reduce wrinkles, lines and facial folds. It is similar to the Restylane and Juvederm family, except that it is not Hyaluronic Acid, but Calcium Hydroxyapetite. This product gives you the most cost effective results in dermatology since there is a larger volume of product in the syringes, giving you a greater degree of correction. Radiesse is slightly thicker, and patients can sometimes feel this underneath the skin. Because Radiesse is thicker, it is perfect for patients who have thicker skin and deeper lines and folds. It is typically used in deep facial lines or folds like the nasolabial fold and marionette folds.

You may want to consider Radiesse cosmetic filler treatment if you are showing obvious signs of facial aging. Most often, candidates will seek treatment for prominent smile lines, marionette lines and other facial wrinkles. It can also be used as a substitute for implant surgery, and providing augmentation to a patient’s nose, cheeks or chin. It is also the best filler for the back of the hands. Hands show signs of aging when you lose volume and when the veins and tendons become visible. Dermal fillers plump the skin so that the veins and tendons are less noticeable. Radiesse is best used for the correction of the hands because it is very moldable and has very good durability.

Radiesse should not be used in the lips.

The Radiesse treatment is generally performed using local anesthesia and will take up to 15 minutes depending upon the extent of the treatment. An antiseptic will be applied on the area to be treated and the doctor will select one or more injection points. Radiesse will be injected into the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layer. In some areas, it is injected just above the bone. You will see immediate results and the correction will last 9-18 months.

Like all dermal fillers, the most common side effects are bruising, swelling and occasionally asymmetry. Any lumping and asymmetry can be resolved by massaging. The most important difference between Radiesse and Hyaluronic Acid fillers is that Radiesse is not dissolvable. If you are unhappy with the result, you will have to wait until it gradually dissolves.

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