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Plumper, natural-looking immediate results with Restylane Silk in New Orleans


Dr Lupo provides natural-looking immediate results with Restylane Silk
If you are troubled by thin or unattractively shaped lips, you may be a candidate for Restylane Silk. It is one of several dermal fillers available at Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans.

Nonsurgical solutions

Maybe your smile isn’t quite symmetrical, or perhaps your lips have thinned over time. Still, you don’t have the time or desire to undergo surgical lip augmentation. It’s a common dilemma, which Restylane Silk was designed to solve.

Restylane Silk is formulated with smaller particles than most hyaluronic acid fillers for a smooth texture. It is FDA approved for filling wrinkles in the mouth area and enhancing lip size with immediate improvement. Over half of those studied still showed lip fullness six months post-treatment.

Is Restylane Silk right for you?

We cannot recommend a specific product without a dermatologist’s evaluation, because our treatments are always tailored to the patient. However, the answer is probably yes if:
  • You want fuller lips
  • You have vertical lines in the lip area
  • Your lips are asymmetrical or have a shape that is less than ideal
  • You don’t want surgery
Like all treatments, the first step is a consultation to assess your needs. Restylane Silk may be recommended as a standalone procedure, or in combination with other enhancements in a multi-faceted treatment plan. For example, denser fillers may be used in the cheek area and Botox® around the eyes along with Restylane for the lips. It depends on your goals and needs.

Call (504) 777-3047 and schedule a cosmetic consultation at Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology. Dr. Lupo will assess your needs, learn about your goals, and discuss your best treatment options.

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