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What can New Orleans patients expect during sclerotherapy treatment?


Patients who are dealing with varicose veins and spider veins may find they are perfect candidates for a treatment called sclerotherapy. This procedure has been around for decades and allows patients to treat these visible veins for cosmetic purposes. Sclerotherapy uses a special solution that is injected into the veins of the legs to dissolve them, allowing the blood to reroute to healthier veins. These veins are drastically reduced in size immediately and they continue to fade over the course of several weeks.

Most patients will see a dramatic decrease in the amount of visible veins four to six week after their first treatment, but should schedule several over the course of many months for the best results. This will be determined based on the severity of the veins, and the way they react to sclerotherapy injections.

Patients interested in sclerotherapy start the process with a consultation visit to Dr. Mary Lupo of the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans. An examination and a medical background are completed at this time to determine one’s candidacy for treatment. Patients who have been dealing with physical effects of varicose veins such as night cramps, aching, and burning sensations may benefit greatly from treatment.

The day of the appointment, patients are asked to avoid shaving their legs and to wear loose clothing during their visit. Patients rest on their back and the legs are cleaned with an alcohol solution. The sclerotherapy solution is carefully and gently inserted into the veins to block the flow and redirect the blood to healthier, stronger veins. Patients may experience a minor pricking sensation during injection but this is still comfortable for most individuals.

After the treatment, patients should wear their prescribed support pressure hose, and walking is encouraged. Patients are able to go about their normal activities, but are strongly advised to avoid strenuous exercise of the legs for approximately one day after their injections.

Some side effects that may be experienced after sclerotherapy include bruising, soreness, darkened skin, inflammation, and an allergic reaction (which is very rare). Dr. Mary Lupo discusses all risks with patients during their initial consultation visit.

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