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Q.I have veins in my legs I want gone. I am needle phobic. Do lasers work as well?

A. Unfortunately for your phobia, several head to head studies confirm that sclerotherapy is more effective and actually in my clinic, found to be less painful than laser for the treatment of spider and reticular leg veins. It is also less expensive because you are not paying for the expensive laser equipment costs.

Q.I had sclerotherapy several years ago and it was very effective but it hurt. Over the years, I have gotten more spider veins. Is there a less painful option? It was not the stick. It was such a tiny needle. I just hated that burning and cramping.

A. Yes! I am happy to report that the Federal Drug Administration approved polidocanol in 2010. It is being sold by Merz to trained core aesthetic physicians under the trade name Asclera. Asclera is a detergent sclerosant FDA approved for spider and reticular veins in patients without complicated venous disease. Asclera works by damaging the cells, called endothelial cells that line the blood vessel. Over several weeks, the damaged cells cause a fibrosis and closing of the veins. The injections take about 15 minutes. There is no downtime, but stocking should be worn for 1-14 days and the sclerosis that permanently closes the vein takes several weeks. Bruising is the most common complication.

Q.Can you please tell me if there are any special instructions for after sclerotherapy for spider veins?

A. Sclerotherapy works best if compression stockings are worn for 24 hours after treatment for spider veins. This compresses the vessel and makes it heal closed rather than having the vessels pop open when you stand and put pressure on the venous system. It also reduces the chance of hyperpigmentation from the blood being trapped inside the vein. If blood is trapped, it results in a residual pigment called hemosiderin that causes dark lines and spots.

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