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New Orleans area patients ask, what occurs before and after Sculptra injections?


Dr. Mary Lupo is excited to offer her patients a variety of treatments to help men and women maintain their natural, youthful appearance longer without the assistance of plastic surgery. One way to achieve this with long-term results is with Sculptra injectables.

Sculptra is an aesthetic treatment that is injected under the skin to help stimulate collagen replacement. Unlike other injectables and dermal fillers, this treatment provides long-lasting results over the course of time but without dramatic, immediate results. Patients with areas of volume loss can replace that volume with improved collagen production, which helps counteract the effects of aging. The results of Sculptra last longer than traditional dermal fillers but it requires several injections over time for optimum beauty. Many patients who consult Dr. Mary Lupo of New Orleans regarding these injections often ask what to expect before, during, and after their services.

Before treatment, patients must visit the LupoCenter for Aesthetic and General Dermatology for a consultation appointment. During this time, patients can discuss their aging concerns with Dr. Mary Lupo and learn about the many options available to them. This is when patients can determine if Sculptra is appropriate for their needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Patients then have to undergo a series of treatment sessions. Most patients benefit from three sessions over the course of several months, but this can be altered to best suit the specific needs and desires of patients. Regular injections are necessary for the desired outcome, and patients must commit to several treatments if they want to achieve a more youthful appearance with this product.

After patients have had their injections completed, they may experience some side effects. They can include discomfort and swelling at the injection site, along with bruising and tenderness. However, these are often short-term and most patients do not find them to be bothersome. Patients who consult with Dr. Mary Lupo before their injections are educated on what they can expect after treatment and when to contact her regarding any serious complications that may arise.

Are you interested in visiting a quality, board certified dermatologist for injectable treatments such as Sculptra? Contact Dr. Mary Lupo,she serves patients in and around the New Orleans community.

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