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Dr Lupo is an amazing clinician and role model. As my mentor when I was a resident at Tulane, she taught me how to practice dermatology effectively. She is a pioneer in the realm of cosmetic dermatology. I travel to New Orleans annually to see her. Her expertise is unrivaled and her bedside manner is admirable. I trust no other with my skin. I have practiced in throughout the United States and there is no better cosmetic dermatologist than Dr Lupo.
Courtney Herbert, MD’s review on Dr. Mary Lupo
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Study for Moderate to Severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa

I have been a patient of Dr. Lupo for more than fifteen years. She provides comprehensive care, equally knowledgeable in medical dermatological procedures and state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments. She has facilitated my graceful aging with a tailored combination of injectables and lasers as well as treated my various skin issues, from adult acne to melanoma. I know she will always be up on the most current scientific research to administer the best care possible for my individual needs. She is indeed the best of the best! ~ Teresa P.
After suffering from acute rosacea and rhinophyma for more than a decade, I finally discovered Dr. Lupo in 2015. What has transpired since then is nothing short of life changing. Every previous dermatologist (and I've seen dozens) couldn't figure out how to help me and played around the edges of treatment. Dr. Lupo, using a creative combination of medicine and lasers has treated not only the symptoms but the cause. She transformed my unsightly, bulbous and constantly infected nose into a "normal" nose and I've been issue free from more than 6 years now. I have regained confidence and escaped the physical and emotional pain associated with these conditions. I now live out of state, but make it a point to visit Dr. Lupo once a year and if I ever had dermatological problems again, I would immediately hop on a plane to see her. She is that good. For anyone out there, and men especially, don't assume that you have to just "live with" complicated skin conditions. Instead, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lupo and her colleagues. ~ Brent M.
After just 2.5 weeks of one round of Kybella (2 vials) the swelling diminished and I could already see improvements, especially in the jowls. I would absolutely recommend Kybella with Dr. Lupo. ~ Kyle K.
Dr. Souyoul is very knowledgeable and patient. She addressed all my concerns and recommended great products! I received Botox and fillers and I’m very pleased with my results. My biggest concern was hyperpigmentation. The products she recommended are working. ~ Jennifer M.
This review is LONG OVERDUE:) I have been a loyal and dedicated patient of Dr. Lupo for over 10 years now & feel so blessed that she is my board certified dermatologist! Dr Lupo goes above and beyond most board certified dermatologists in the country to deliver the most appropriate skincare to her patients. She is an icon and a legend in her field of practice. Her knowledge is far beyond most, but more importantly, her clinical expertise & experience is incomparable. To be given the title of “Expert Injector,” by her own colleagues speaks volumes of her clinical skills. Her recommendations through the years for my skin/anti-aging treatments have been impeccable. She will never make any of her patients look like they’ve been way overdone. She practices what she preaches and I have the utmost respect & adoration for her. She literally saved me after I had been in an awful life threatening motor vehicle accident. What I admire most about her is her active outlook on skincare. She injected my “soon to be keloid scars” with steroid. She then had me go through several treatments with Fraxel dual laser. The results were phenomenal. I cannot thank you enough Dr Lupo for giving me my confidence back:-) She has divine hands and her touch is definitely healing. Thank you Dr Lupo for making me & keeping me looking my best:) God is working through your hands everyday. ~ Debbie
I am a current patient of Dr. Lupo for both medical and cosmetic services (injectables). I have been to other dermatologists and a plastic surgeon previously, and I was always disappointed with the results of fillers. However, Dr Lupo is such an expert with injectables, I look forward to my appointments. I know she understands where and what type I need, and she administers them flawlessly. I leave her office feeling confident that my looks have just improved! She and her staff dedicate whatever time is needed to explain what is happening, provide post procedure instructions and answer any questions. Everyone is professional, courteous and patient with me throughout the entire process from scheduling to checkout. ~ Christine
Dr. Lupo is truly an artist. I’ve been seeing her for several years, and I’m 38 years old. I’ve been getting Botox injections and just tried filler in my tear troughs for the first time. Wow! I am utterly amazed! I’ve always been completely satisfied by my results. I always feel like myself but refreshed! I love that Dr. Lupo has been conservative for very natural results. I also love that she doesn’t try to “sell” me anything. She only addresses the concerns I bring to her. Lastly, I love that she is so honest. Thank you, Dr. Lupo! ~ Anonymous
I've been going to Dr. Lupo for about 10 years and there is no doubt that she is the absolute best for cosmetic injectibles and I also know she is an excellent medical doctor as well. Her credentials and experience can't be beat! ~ Betsy B.
Dr. Lupo has been my dermatologist for approximately 20 years. She is AMAZING! She listens to your concerns, answers your questions and only recommends services/treatments that are truly necessary to address the concern or issues. She truly cares about her patients and their well being. Also, her staff is always professional and helpful.

Dr. Lupo is truly a wonderful and great doctor! ~ Michelle
I am a 50 years old African American female who was swarmed with warts in my face. I had seen three dermatologist for this issue and was given many topical creams and freezing sessions. within four weeks Dr. Souyoul removed the warts and I was a beautiful bride for my wedding. She was extremely patient and explained all the procedures clearly. ~ Drena C. J
After using a board certified plastic surgeon for several years who had become a bit careless in his technique, I went in search of someone new. I saw reviews stating that Dr. Lupo was an incredibly skilled injector and shows "attention to detail" with her patients. She is a true professional who will go the extra mile. She used a vein finder, which was very impressive, explained everything every step of the way, and actually listened to my needs. She corrected a 2 year old issue that I had from the previous doctor who injected juvaderm (which has a blue hue and is not a good product for this area) and helped me resolve the issue of the spider veins that had formed under my eyes as a result and my dark circles. Dr. Lupo suggested that I have laser for the spider veins, dissolve any of the 2 year old filler that was left, and start over fresh. She did a fantastic job. Now I don't look quite so "tired" and I'm so happy with my results. I highly recommend her and the Lupo center. ~ Mandy
I recently had my first consultation with Dr. Lupo. I was not satisfied with the results I had obtained from my previous dermatologist. A friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Lupo and I am so happy I did. From the moment I came in, to the moment I left the office, everyone was professional and courteous. Dr. Lupo was very thorough and explained very clearly what my treatment would be. I am very happy that I switched doctors. ~ Anonymous
Thank you Dr. Mary Lupo for your artistry and precision on the results of my treatment. ~ Cristobal.
I am a 31 year old mother of 4! Needless to say I know I look worn out! I know girls my age that have started getting Botox and fillers but I was always to afraid to try or scared to look “overdone”. I heard Dr Lupo was the best in the business because she will never make you look superficial and she is the doctor that trains upcoming Derms. I started off with Botox and loved the results! I looked so refreshed and well rested. No one would ever guess I had a little help. She recommended that I try a little filler as well. At first I was way to scared and opted not to (I am a reformed fainter) but eventually I worked up the courage to try it! All I can say is wow! What an experience. Not only did Dr Lupo give me advice on how to keep myself calm throughout the process but she did it in such a way that I felt No pain whatsoever. No bruising! I looked fantastic! The best part was I didn’t look like someone else which I was afraid of. I looked like me but me minus 5 years! It’s amazing how just a minor tweak can make such a huge difference in your overall appearance! Needless to say this will totally be a part of my beauty regime!
Dr Lupo is truly an artist and an amazing dermatologist! ~ Ashley L.
I’m an African American female in my early 20s who suffers with post acne skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation. I met with a few dermatologist about my moderate acne and dark marks and saw no change until I met with Dr. Skylar Souyoul! I explained to her my problems and concerns with my skin and she put me on a simple regimen that fit my busy schedule and most importantly THAT WORKED! Within 2wks my acne began to clear up and my dark marks started to fade. Dr. Souyoul and the Lupo staff were very nice and knowledgeable. I’d recommend them to any person of color who suffers with acne and/or skin discoloration, they’ll get you right! ~ Mariah S.
Dr. Lupo is the best Dermatologist that I have ever used for my skincare needs. She is one of the best in the country. I highly recommend The Lupo Skincare Center for all your skincare needs. ~ Julie N.
Dr Lupo is fabulous!

Not only is she a great dermatologist, she taught my child to swallow a pill and helped her conquer her fear of needles. Wish she could solve all my parenting issues for me!! Love her and her attention to detail. ~ Erin R.
Dr. Lupo is the best!

She is not only a technical expert, but she has a full understanding of facial structure and aesthetics. Each time I visit, I trust her to know exactly what needs to be done, where it needs to be done, and which product is the best fit for my particular situation. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Lupo and am always very pleased with my results. ~ Anonymous
Excellent outcome!

A few years ago I had a co2 lazer treatment from another dermatologist that didn’t go so well. After waiting weeks for the redness and broken capillaries to look better it didn’t !

After a trusted recommendation I went to Dr Mary Lupo. She used two different lazer and several treatment to clear up the redness and broken capillaries. I would recommend Dr Mary Lupo to anyone that is looking for the best dermatologist in New Orleans. I am one happy lady! ~ Janet on April 30, 2018
Real results, great experience

I'm so glad I found Dr. Souyoul. She's helped me with everything from Botox, routine skin care, skin cancer screening, and laser therapies. Her office offers the most advanced therapies and are very professional and courteous. She listens to my concerns and gives in depth and helpful recommendations. I'm so happy with the way my skin looks. I actually started getting carded AGAIN when I try to... ~ RFJ on November 2017
Love, Love, Love my results! I participated in a study and it was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Lupo is a qualified professional perfectionist and you can trust her recommendations. Her support team are very likable, especially her assistant who has a way of making you feel like a personal friend. Yes, I would do it again!
Thank you for choosing me. ~ Vernell on November 02, 2017

I don't usually do reviews, but felt I should for Dr.Lupo. I drove over an hour to see her & it was well worth it! I went to her because I have bad scars on my face from picking at everything I see. She was very straightforward (which I appreciate, who wants a Dr. To beat around the bush?) But thorough as well. She could've set me up for anything, but she didn't. She told me that she would send me home with medicated face wash, use it for 6 weeks & come back so she can see that my face has improved & I'm not picking. To me, that speaks volumes about her character! In other words, she told me that she can't help me if I'm not willing to help myself & it's the TRUTH. Her time & my money are both valuable & she wasn't going to waste either one! ~ Jinie B. on August 31, 2017

The most natural application of Botox I've ever had. Dr. Lupo is efficient and to the point. She tells it like it is and I appreciate that. I intend on returning for misc procedures for years to come. I highly recommend! ~ Shanon C. on June 26, 2017
This is a well run machine! I recommend the Lupo Center to everyone! ~ Fran N. on May 8, 2017
I had a BEYOND amazing experience

Absolutely AMAZING! The staff is so friendly, professional. It took me more than ten attempts before I could get an appointment. It's really difficult to get an appointment for first time patient because she's always booked. The day of my appointment, I got stuck in a meeting at work and showed up half and hour late. ~ Anonymous on April 13, 2017
First time I have participated in a study. I was not formerly a patient here, but trust the Dr. Mary Lupo name. It has been such a pleasant experience. Everyone has been so nice and the process has been easy. Everything was explained thoroughly and I would do it again. ~ Karen T. on March 2, 2017
The results speak for themselves!

I've been a cosmetic patient for almost 3 years. I cannot speak highly enough about the results I have received from Dr. Lupo. She worked with me to help me feel my best as the "Mother of the Bride," and now I look forward to putting my best face forward as a new grandmother! She recommends procedures that will give you the most benefit for your money. She and all of the girls in the office work to make sure you get any promotional discounts as well. She works quickly and is great at distracting you and making injections as painless as possible. She's easy to talk to and I have asked her many questions about various things on my skin. She's knowledgeable, great at her craft and has truly helped me feel better about my appearance. ~ GrannyAnn22 on February 14, 2017
Dr. Lupo is fantastic! I've been a patient for 2.5 years and have always been 100% satisfied with her services! Her nurses and assistants always take my calls and return my messages before the end of the day regarding treatment questions or prescription refills. She is incredibly honest and won't perform any services that she does not feel are necessary, she also spends a large amount of time with me discussing any concerns with my skin and following-up with me post procedure. My skin is finally clear and I've achieved my goal of not having to wear makeup to cover a blemish. Not only is she amazing with fillers and skin treatment but she is very innovative on the medical side of dermatology. I feel very safe with her as my dermatologist and lucky to have her practice in New Orleans! ~ Elly W. on February 8, 2017
Reading these previous reviews I decided to weigh in - I've been seeing Dr. Lupo for 20 years now, beginning with injections to reduce my leg veins, then went on to treatments for increasingly maturing skin. I appreciate Dr. Lupo's matter of fact advice and approach. I appreciate that she never "over does" anything so that my husband never suspects that I've had any procedure/treatment. I guess that is the main thing. Occasionally I wish she had done more, but I always look much better, and doing too little is WAY better than doing too much. I trust her advice. ~ Jane S. on February 2, 2017
Amazing experience! - Baton Rouge, LA

I sought Dr. Lupo out for filler after not being being happy with results from Dysport, which had been administered for years from another highly recommended doctor in the area. I thought filler would be the only way to correct my deep radix.

Well I was wrong! Dr. Lupo is really a Botox artist!!!! I can't get over the different between the work of my old doctor and Dr. Lupo. Pleased doesn't even begin to describe my thoughts on the results. The results are like night and day...I no longer have a constant angry look because of a deep radix.

Some artists have a paintbrush; Dr. Lupo has injectables! I wish I had found Dr. Lupo many years ago. ~ Natasha F. on January 31st, 2017
Dr. Lupo is an absolute artist. She is so skilled and knowledgeable and honed her craft to such perfection, that I feel comfortable putting myself in her capable hands. Her office is top notch and is always leading the path to new and improved techniques. They are very high tech in managing appointments and files electronically. Her staff is very customer service oriented and very friendly. She carries excellent lines of skin care products. Dr. Lupo always takes the time to explain what she recommends and why, and keeps you informed throughout the visit. I would thoroughly recommend her for any dermatologic/aesthetic needs. I have been a patient since 2002. ~ Mary on December 9th, 2016

I've been a patient over 20 years. That says volumes. ~ Marie on October 21, 2016
Could not be happier!
I have been thinking about fillers for years but was nervous. I did not want to look "done" and did not want go through something painful. I had gone to Dr. Lupo years ago for Botox and loved the results. After a consultation with her, I knew I was ready. She assured me she would make me a better version of myself. I have a long narrow face and I am in my mid 40's. Age and environmental factors have not been kind. She recommended a filler for my lip area and smile lines for some added fullness. I had no down, minimal bruising, and no pain. I feel like I look 30 again! She also advised me on my skin care routine if I wanted to make any changes in the future. Her staff was so kind and assuring. She is a miracle worker with needles and an amazing dermatologist. ~ Isabelle P on October 12th, 2016
Dr. Lupo is a Gift!
Just an amazing artist. She always shapes a "better version of me". I look rested and refreshed and younger. Everyone always tries to put their finger on just what looks different. Her work is lovely and natural. Thank you SO much, Dr Lupo! ~ Tabatha W. on October 8th, 2016
Dr. Lupo and her staff are amazing!
I have been a patient of hers for over 20 years and highly recommend her clinic. ~ Jennifer D. on October 6th, 2016
Very helpful and friendly staff!

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Specifically Olivia at front desk and Kristi with the laser. No matter how many times you call or the simplicity of your request, Olivia takes patients very seriously and makes you feel as though your concerns are very important! Kristi takes time to get to know patients and each appointment seems like a continuation of the last! ~ Zachary Simmons on September 6, 2016
Extremely likely!

Dr. Lupo exudes passion for her profession. Felt an immediate connection with her. Love speaking with a doctor who truly loves her work. ~ Melanie A Freibert on September 6, 2016
Very Professional Dermatologist

Excellent and very professional doctor! I would recommend Dr. Lupo to anyone in New Orleans ~ Claudia B. on August 19, 2016
As usual, Dr. Lupo is AMAZING.

I appreciate her ability to not only evaluate my external skin issues but also utilize her knowledge as Internalist to evaluate the underlying causes of my skin condition. She listens to my concerns and creates skin care plans that addresses my needs with astounding results. I love her!!! My only issue was the incredibly long wait. My appointment was for 3pm and I didn't get in to see her until 4:45pm. So, I took 1 star from my review. However, this is the first time I've had to wait this long and I've been coming to get for 4 years. ~ Daph B. on August 15, 2016
Staff is so friendly and professional. They make sure to answer any questions or concerns with the utmost respect and compassion. They are also very efficient in the appointments. In and out, for sure! ~ Rosa on August 9, 2016
Only the best will do!

I've been seeing Dr. Lupo for a few years now, and I really loved my results! Since I'm only 30 years old, Dr. Lupo's treatments have been very conservative to meet my needs and budget. The Botox treatments have helped me look more refreshed and rested - not different. Dr. Lupo's skin care recommendations and mild laser treatments have also given my complexion a smoother, more youthful look! Thank you, Dr. Lupo and your wonderful staff! ~ ABS626 on August 2, 2016
Dr. Lupo is VERY professional & ALWAYS gives you her personal advice on what she feels is best for you. I am VERY pleased with her & will DEFINITELY go back for more services. ~ Tina
Extremely likely

Everyone at this office so sweet! Patient an kind in answering all questions and concerns you may have. Courtney was able to fit me in the same day I called. Dr. Lupo is fabulous! ~ Melissa C.
Dr. Lupo is thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I have seen her regarding both cosmetic and medical issues, and she's given me great options for every concern that I've had. Cosmetically, her treatments have been conservative and very natural, at my request. I'm beyond pleased with my results and will continue to see her regularly. ~ Anonymous
Dr. Lupo is the best in her class! I wouldn't trust my skin care with anyone else. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable, an expert in her field. I always feel more confident and beautiful after seeing her! ~ Jessica
The level of expertise, experience and professionalism is the highest. I am very grateful to be a patient of Dr. Lupo. My husband refers to her as an artist. ~ Susan
I have been with Dr. Lupo for over 20 years and would not want to see any one else. She is well respected in the field of dermatological medicine and considered one of the Best in our region. I trust and respect her one hundred percent. Recently, in the past couple of years I have started to see her for aesthetic procedures and once I did this I could not believe the positive feedback I received from my colleagues and clients on how I looked rested or refreshed. How I present myself matters in my work. Thanks Dr. Lupo for enhancing my appearance and taking care of all my skin needs. ~ Shannon

I visited Dr. Lupo first a year ago. She took her time and evaluated my needs and talked to me about what would be best for me and what I was comfortable with. She is a great doctor who is extraordinarily skilled and quite gentle in her approach. I feel that her plan for me is personal and that her goal is that I look and feel my best. I can tell you that I do, in fact, look and feel better than I have in years. Her plan for my treatment is not a pat regimen that she does for everyone, but singularly focused on my needs, my preferences, and her vision for my care. (P.S. - my cheekbones are back!) ~ Donna
The absolute best Dermatologist In the South, never disappointed with the services. I've recommend her to tons of friends and everyone thanks me. Never performs or recommends anything unnecessary, truly honest women here! ~ Candice
I have been a patient of Dr Lupo since 1987. I have since moved 900 miles away but continue to have Dr Lupo as my dermatologist. Not only do I trust her expertise, but she cares about her patients. She truly cares. And my results are always awesome. She is the Best! ~ Barbara
As a dermatologist myself, I thought long and hard about when to start getting hyaluronic acid filler. Although I had been injecting neurotoxin into my face for years (a skill taught to me by Dr. Lupo during my residency), I knew that I needed someone else to inject the filler. Like many other dermatologists, I turned to the master... Dr. Lupo. Dr. Lupo isn't just an amazing dermatologist; she's an artist! There's a reason that she has trained the rest of us in cosmetic dermatology; she has an eye like no other and her skill is unparalleled. She will do exactly what you need to look better, but she will never make you look overdone.

I initially thought that I may need some filler around the tear trough area. Dr. Lupo immediately saw that I needed some volume around the upper outer cheeks, which ended up making my outer tear trough and nasolabial fold wrinkles disappear! She also added some filler around the upper outer portion of my brow bone, which resulted in a nonsurgical brow lift. I was amazed! If you're considering surgical correction of a droopy brow or lax skin, please see Dr. Lupo first. You'll be so happy that you did!

Her technique is painless. She injected a few other areas in addition to those mentioned above, but I experienced absolutely no bruising or swelling. The injection sites were invisible. I was able to go out to dinner that night wearing no make-up.

Be prepared for a lot of compliments after seeing Dr. Lupo. Although no one would guess that it's the filler, people will start complimenting your skin or how "well-rested" you look. A little known benefit to filler is that the skin looks more vibrant and luminous. I definitely experienced this after seeing Dr. Lupo.

If you're considering a visit with Dr. Lupo, don't hesitate! Give her free reign to use her artist's eye (with her expert techniques and equally important sense of discretion). You won't be disappointed! ~ L. Ploch
To quote a credit card commercial "Priceless" my recent experience and outcome!
Dr Lupo's expertise and her professional attentive staff all added up to an amazing outcome. 51 year old male who wants to look as young as I feel got the ultimate validation...I walked into my mother-in-laws home about a week post injections and she says "you look great, what are you doing".
Thank you Dr Lupo! ~ Charper9
Christy is always so thorough in her preparation for treatment. I always feel I am in competent hands with her. Her post treatment explanation is also done with great care. ~ Susan C.
Hello, my recent visit was excellent. I came to an appointment with my friend. As I sat in the lobby Brittany the front desk attendant checked on me and asked if I was ok a few times during the wait, she also took the time to talk to me about the latest product the Teoxane Serum, she sold me on the item and I have plans on purchasing the serum. She was great, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Great customer service, I will be back!! ~ Sabrina W.
Doctor Lupo recently removed two moles from my face. The results were amazing. There are no scars or indication that I had a procedure. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for all your advice and treatment throughout the years. ~ Mary L.
I was referred to Dr. Mary Lupo a couple of years ago, after having a procedure that was done by another doctor. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Dr. Lupo was so kind to work me into her busy schedule. After seeing me she setup a plan using the Exilis laser. My face looks great with no sun burn look! These are some things that I was impressed with Dr. Lupo office: Great nurses that listen and document all of your needs . Top of the line laser equipment with the best person to do the job Kristi. Dr Lupo's front office have wonder people ready to help you with all of your needs. And I don't want forget the line of skin care - Teoxane RHA advanced and RHA Serum. ~ Jan. C
Not all Botox is administered equally - By far Dr. Lupo does the best Botox treatment! ~ Kim W.
Dr Lupo was courteous, skilled and professional. The skin on my face is the most sensitive skin on my body. Her technique was impeccable and her touch was tender. I barely felt a thing. It was a comfortable and pleasant experience. I will never let anyone else touch my face as there is no way anyone else could have achieved these astounding results. She is the very best and I trust her completely! ~ Sara S.
Dr. Lupo has been treating me for over 10 years with great care and expertise. I now have 3 daughters ages 13, 11 and 8 who I trust her with as they are requiring her intellect. Dr. Lupo's experience is unparalleled. She is always looking out for my family and friends. ~ John D.
Easy to contact with concerns. great knowledgeable care. ~ Vickie F.
Dr. Lupo is a true professional and excellent in her field. I trust her completely. The best in fillers/botox. ~ Allison H.
Love, love, love the Lupo Center!!!! ~ Kim G.
Efficient and professional services, follow-up and reminders are great! ~ Susan
The doctors are both brilliant and extremely talented. Love them both! ~ Kate L.
Everyone is always professional, caring and concerned about solving my medical problems. ~ Kimblery H.
I have had two laser services with Kristi C. She has been excellent. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Kristi was able to answer all my questions and offer wonderful suggestions. And the results are beyond my expectations! ~ Laura T.
My needs are always met-talented doctor and professional staff. ~ Courtney F.
Every employee I have encountered at Lupo Dermatology has been so professional and pleasant. From the front desk to Dr. Lupo it has been a great experience. I have already recommended the Lupo Center to my family and friends and will continue using Dr. Lupo as my dermatologist. ~ Meredith S.
Staff very nice and knowledgeable and Dr Lupo not only great at what she does but friendly. ~ Theresa B.
What can I say? I'm very pleased with my treatment. ~ J. Saunders
When it comes to something as important as my skin and face, I only trust the Lupo center. The staff and doctors are very knowledgeable and I trust their recommendations. I feel very confident in all areas of medical and cosmetic dermatology with the Lupo center. Thank you for helping me feel my best. ~ Samantha
Dear Dr. Lupo, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful team you have. I would especially like to mention Kristi, who went out of her way to make my treatment as comfortable as possible. She called me at home the next day, to check on me. When I did call with a question, she responded immediately and was a great help. Thank her for me please. Dr. Lupo, you do have the best staff, probably because you are the best too! Cheers! ~ Kathleen.
I received more helpful diagnostic information in the short time I spent with Dr. Lupo than any other dermatologist I have ever been to. I am anxious to try her products and to follow through with her suggestions. I'm excited. ~ Judy S.
My daughter had a severe acne problem even after consulting another dermatologist in Vermont and seeing 3 facial professionals in Santa Fe , Vermont and Texas. She had 3 peels which made her face worse and caused acne scarring, Dr. Lupo has cured her acne problem and now is helping her pigmentation with laser treatments which have helped her . Dr. Lupo is an expert in her field and I am so grateful my daughter was able to see her. She would have had severe acne scaring if it wasn't for Dr. Lupo. ~ Elma F.
Dr. Lupo recommended I do a series of 5 laser genesis treatments. I just recently completed the treatments and love the results! My skin is smooth and glowing- i have gotten lots of compliments. The best part was no downtime- not even a slight peeling afterwards. Love this treatment and definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a non aggressive laser treatment with no downtime. ~ Barbara R.
I have been her patient for about three months, and I have never been better in my life. She tells me straightforward and professionally handles my concerns ~ Anonymous
I have been a patient with Dr. Lupo for several years now and have always felt confident & comfortable whenever having a procedure done by her and her staff. Any concerns or questions I’ve had about the procedure being performed were answered quickly and with the upmost knowledgeable by her and her staff. I've had Botox and fillers in the past and was very pleased with the end result. ~ Carl V.
Music to my ears
Being a native from New Orleans I enjoy all types of music and often go out to see all the great music my city offers. But the best music I have heard lately are the compliments from my friends, colleagues and customers about how great I look.....this is truly music to my ears. The great part is that they cannot pinpoint the reason for my youthful, fabulous look. The questions from my admirers are: Did you change your diet or exercise program? Are you getting more sleep or did you change jobs, because you look less tired?

My reply.......No, what I did for myself was make an appointment with Dr. Mary Lupo and she created a customized "cocktail of fillers" for my skin type and facial structure that made me look naturally 10 years younger. And the reality is... I really do look great thanks to Dr. Lupo. ~ Carl V.
I have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism of the staff and the tremendous help Dr. Lupo has given to me in my problem with hyperpigmentation. My clients and friends have noticed the difference of my skin since I have had my first visit with Dr. Lupo. I will always sing her praise. ~ Barbara M.
Dr Lupo and her staff are first class!! I always feel very comfortable knowing she is my doctor-- she is the best. ~ Shannon C.
I have been going to Dr. Mary Lupo for about a year now and I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my treatments. Dr. Lupo is a kind and considerate dermatologist who is extremely skilled and competent in the placement of fillers and botox. She first examines my facial structure each visit to determine the "game plan". She listens to my concerns, reads her past notes from my last appointment, then administers the injections, which by the way, are virtually painless. Her assistant quickly applies pressure and ices the areas and I am good to go. I get compliments all the time! ~ Anonymous
Dr. Mary Lupo recently treated me for a horid, infectious rash on my lower face and lips. The office was open the day after Christmas and I was able to begin treatment right away. My face has now healed after 10 days and looks 99% improved! I am so grateful. The staff is always caring and sensitive. ~ Aloma L.
Just wanted to pass on a big thanks to Kristi for my Fraxel Dual treatment which I had last Wednesday, 4/3/13. This is my second laser treatment (had my first one November 2012) and I absolutely love the results this time even more than the first time. Swelling was not as bad, but peeling was probably a little worse but not anything I couldn’t handle and the results definitely made it worth looking like a snake shedding its skin. :) Anyway, I will probably have this procedure done once more sometime later this year or early next year! Thanks again! ~ Tammy M.
Always so many thanks Dr. Lupo. My "asymmetrical" lips and this soon to be 60 year old face look fantastic. You sure know how to make a gal feel GREAT! Thanks again! ~ Mia
I am so happy with the results
I have been bothered by my deep expression lines for years. I was nervous about getting any injections. I finally decided to see Dr. Lupo and hear her recommendations. She put me at ease right away and did not pressure me at all. After visiting with her for a few minutes, I felt confident that any injections she performed would result in an improvement that was natural and subtle, and I was right! I look and feel amazing. She also recommended a topical treatment for my breakouts, and my skin has never been better. I am so happy with the results, and I plan on being a patient of Dr. Lupo's until she retires, which hopefully won't be anytime soon! ~ Kathy
Dr. Lupo - I want you to know how much I have enjoyed the results of the injections you have done on me through these post-plastic surgery years. You have done an excellent job and I do not hesitate to recommend you. I have complete confidence and trust in your ability. This 66 year old lady is enjoying looking a few years younger for her age in large part thanks to you!
I also wanted to comment on your staff being very pleasant and accommodating.
All the best in 2013! ~ Carol.
Thanks for great results!
I loved my BOTOX Cosmetic results after being treated by Dr. Lupo. I loved how natural and very relaxed I looked after treatment, but really enjoyed my visit to her office too! Her staff is welcoming, efficient and was concerned that I understood the procedure and what results to expect. Dr. Lupo then made me laugh and really feel comfortable during the procedure. What a great experience! ~ Mary B.
Thank you, Dr. Lupo & staff
I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to Dr. Lupo and her wonderful staff for such fantastic service and patient experiences. Dr. Lupo and her staff are very welcoming and make me feel very relaxed and comfortable in the office and during procedures. Dr. Lupo customizes both my medical and cosmetic needs to make my skin look refreshed and youthful, but very natural. Dr. Lupo always customizes her approach based on my wants and needs. She is an expert who is honest, professional and ethical. Thank you, Dr. Lupo for always making me look and feel more beautiful! ~ Juliet
Great Doctor
After being told by several people that it looked like I had skin cancer I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Lupo. I was very worried. Dr. Lupo assured me it was not cancer. She discussed the damage the sun causes and the importance of using a good sun screen. She took her time and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She made sure I didn't have any other concerns and thanked me for coming by. She and her staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lupo for all skin care needs. ~ Vicki F.
I love Lupo Dermatology
I love this practice! Dr. Lupo is totally professional and has been helping me keep my skin healthy and young looking for over 9 years! If you want a doctor and staff who are professional, well-trained and direct when looking out for your best interest, this is the place. We are fortunate to have such a nationally recognized doctor right here in New Orleans. I tell ALL my friends! ~ Catherine L.
Botox for crow's feet
I recently participated in a clinical trial for FDA approval of Botox for crow's feet. This was my first ever procedure and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am thrilled with the results. I was impressed with the professionalism of the office and excited to be treated by a doctor who is involved with new innovations in medicine. I'm sure I will eventually have another procedure done and I would never think about going any place else. Thank you Dr. Lupo and your awesome staff for making me feel, and LOOK so special. ~ Kimberly M.
Excellent Result!
Dr. Lupo injected Juvederm filler in my top lip because it was much smaller than my bottom lip. She did such a great job at making them symmetrical she is an artist with a needle. I would never let anyone else inject me she is the best. ~ Amanda
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Our mission at the Lupo Center is to provide patients with innovative, effective and ethical care to make each person look and feel their personal best. To fulfill our goal, we provide state-of-the-art medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments to all patients.

Board certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology Mary P. Lupo, MD has been a leader in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation since 1983. She travels internationally to teach her innovative techniques, and her reputation brings in patients from around the country. She started the first formal residency training program for injectables and peels in 1983 at Tulane Medical School and served as past president of Women’s Dermatologic Society, adjunct professor of dermatology at Tulane and a founder of Cosmetic Boot Camp. Dr. Lupo holds membership in many prestigious dermatology associations, participates in clinical trials for approval of new drugs and devices and acts as an advisor for numerous aesthetic-minded companies.

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Dr Souyoul is a life saver, literally! I went it for one thing and she ened up finding a Melanoma that needed to be taken care of. Just finished up a follow up with her and am now all clear and Melanoma free. Much love to the Lupo team! 😊🙏❤️
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