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$50 off Your First Jeuveau Treatment

$50 off Your First Jeuveau Treatment in New Orleans, LA

Jeuveau, the newest neuromodulator to be FDA approved, launched in our office about 2 weeks ago and patients are loving their results!

Like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, Jeuveau is an injectable that relaxes overactive muscles that cause wrinkles. As the only practice in Louisiana to participate in Jeuveau’s clinical trial, Dr. Lupo learned firsthand the best practices for this non-surgical wrinkle reducer. She could see how it compared to other neuromodulators and began to figure out how it would work best for her patients. Dr. Lupo and Dr. Souyoul have recently participated in exclusive launch events and trainings for Jeuveau, so they are excited to be able to offer this new product to you!

Share this news with a friend and you can both save $50 on your first Jeuveau treatment! Don’t forget to mention this at your appointment!

Complimentary Beach Bag with Sunscreen Purchase

Complimentary Beach Bag with Sunscreen Purchase in New Orleans, LA

Stock up on your sunscreen and receive a complimentary beach bag!

Purchase a Family Pack of EltaMD sunscreen (Clear SPF 46 + Sport 7oz. SPF 50 + Spray SPF 46 + Pure SPF 47) or customize your own EltaMD sunscreen package for $150 and receive a complimentary EltaMD beach bag!

In-office purchases only to receive the complimentary bag; while supplies last.

CO2 Lift

CO2 Lift

CO2Lift is a state-of-the-art, holistic, anti-aging treatment that is clinically proven to lift, hydrate, brighten and improve health of your skin.

CO2LIFT enables proper penetration of carbon-dioxide through the epidermal layer of the skin to significantly improve hydration. This face mask naturally stimulates the creation of oxygen molecules in the body, which are then delivered directly to the skin on your face, eyes, neck and hands, reversing the aging process.

  • No pain, no downtime, no discomfort
  • At-home treatment to work alone or enhance results from injectables, peels or laser treatments
  • Gentle and safe enough to use on any skin type as well as during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Skin will improve after just 1 application - CO2Lift has been proven to increase the skin’s hydration by more than 117%
  • Cleansing and makeup application can be done immediately after

Save $50 when you purchase a pack of 4 - click here.

NUTRAFOL, Advanced Science at the Root of Hair Health

We want to introduce you to NUTRAFOL, a dietary supplement to naturally help grow and thicken hair. When triggers like stress, aging, genetics, nutritional imbalance and overstyling take a toll on your hair, strengthen and protect it where it matters most: from within. Using the latest biotechnology, NUTRAFOL is formulated with patented, standardized and clinically tested ingredients. The components of the vitamin act to reduce the effects of stress on the body especially as it relates to hairloss. Patients who purchase 3+ month supply of NUTRAFOL will receive a 10% savings. Patients who purchase a 6+ month supply will also receive a complimentary hair analysis ($150 value). The hair analysis will help us pinpoint any additional factors that may be contributing to your hair loss.

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