“A lot of people really like Sculptra because it is the filler to use if you don't want anyone to know you're undergoing cosmetic treatment, because the improvement is very gradual.”
- Dr. Lupo
As we experience our own aging process, our skin loses its firm, full, youthful suppleness. The effects of years of sun exposure may lead to damage, as well, as our skin becomes thinner and loses that natural elasticity it once had. An additional part of the aging process, the loss of fat tissue beneath the skin, can cause facial contours to look more drawn and sunken in. As the face tapers under the effects of age, wrinkles form on the skin.

Although we may want to slow the effects of time and age at a pace that works for us, undergoing a dramatic reversal through cosmetic surgery or immediate cosmetic treatments may be too drastic for some. In such cases, Sculptra is a wonderful choice for facial rejuvenation. Sculptra Aesthetic is the first injectable solution that achieves gradual, subtle results, resulting in a more natural-looking appearance. Shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds are gradually corrected after Sculptra treatments, as lost collagen is replaced through ongoing encouragement of production. Dr. Lupo considers Sculptra more of a dermal thickening agent that firms and lifts rather than a conventional filler.

Sculptra gives you the ability to reverse the signs of aging gradually, naturally. A full course of treatment typically includes three sessions with certified Sculptra trainer Dr. Mary Lupo. Sessions are scheduled a few months apart, with overall results lasting as long as two years. If what you want is the natural, durable correction of facial lines and folds, then Sculptra may be the perfect anti-aging treatment for you.

Through a series of Sculptra treatments, the texture of the skin is greatly improved, feeling firmer, and the shape of the face regains more youthful contours. Men and women who look gaunt and tired due to the effects of weight loss or illness, or simply because of genetics can experience greater fullness in facial contours without having to put on additional pounds to do so.

Dr. Mary Lupo was chosen as one of the first members of the physician advisory board for Sculptra Aesthetic in April of 2003. That same year, she received training in the use of the product in Geneva, Switzerland. Sculptra was approved in the U.S. in 2004. Since that time, Dr. Lupo has been a certified training provider for this product.

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Dr. Lupo discusses the benefits of Sculptra

Dr. Mary Lupo discusses the benefits of Sculptra

Avoid these medications for at least two weeks prior to injections: Aspirin or Ibuprofen, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, “G” supplements (ginko, ginseng, garlic), St. John's Wort and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like Celebrex, as they may cause thinning of the blood.

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