For more than 35 years, Mary P. Lupo, M.D., board certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine has pioneered the concept of combination therapies to help her patients achieve a natural, meaningful improvement in their appearance. While she treats patients of all ages, her goal with patients 40 years of age or younger is to get them on a PRE-ReJUVEnation treatment plan in order to prevent or delay the signs of aging skin. With early prevention, patients can eliminate the need for aggressive surgical procedures in later years.

The Prejuve Energy Facial is a PRE-ReJUVEnation treatment that is customized for each patient’s needs. The most popular Prejuve Energy Facial is the combination of Exilis Elite's skin tightening and Laser Genesis' facial resurfacing for overall anti-aging and enhancement of the skin.

The Exilis Elite technology is a monopolar radiofrequency device that causes both shrinking of loose tissue immediately, as well as long term collagen production that lifts and tightens loose skin over time. It is beneficial on areas such as the jowls, neck, and eyebrows.

Laser Genesis is a multi-purpose solution for skin health and appearance. The facial resurfacing treatment protects the epidermis, while stimulating collagen production in the dermis to improve pores and texture. It is also shown to fade red and brown spots. It is beneficial for acne and mild acne scars and discolorations.

A Prejuve Energy Facial can treat any skin type and requires no downtime. Dr. Lupo individualizes each treatment so patients achieve optimal results.

For more information about Dr. Mary Lupo’s exclusive Prejuve Energy Facial at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology in New Orleans, please contact us at (504) 777-3047 or

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PART 1: PREJUVE energy facials for mild resurfacing and skin tightening

PART 1: PREJUVE energy facials for mild resurfacing and skin tightening by Dr. Mary Lupo
Ever wondered what a PREJUVE facial is for? Dr. Lupo speaks about PREJUVE facials and the skin concerns that they can help address while getting a facial herself!

So today I am getting a PREJUVE treatment. PREJUVE refers to pre rejuvenation. Now, at almost sixty six I am well beyond pre rejuvenation and need full fledged rejuvenation but because I have been doing treatments so long, I do these PREJUVE treatments as a booster to maintain my improvement. So, step one is the Exilis Ultra. This is a radiofrequency plus ultrasound device. This device is for deep tissue heating and collagen contraction. The purpose of it here is to lift my brows and my cheeks and my jawline and for my neck. We are going to do the entire face and the neck. Now this is deeply penetrating radiofrequency and ultrasound. And we will do this for about thirty minutes so we can cover all of the areas. Then we will come back with the second portion of PREJUVE which is Genesis. Laser Genesis is a 10-64 laser. This will help my superficial skin tone and texture. So think of this as rejuvenation in three dimensions, deeper and then more superficial. The 10-64 is going to help with pores and small discolorations on my face especially dilated deep capillaries and help a little bit with pigmentation. But mostly it is going to refine my pores and improve the surface appearance of my skin to give it a wonderful surface texture and glow.

PART 2: PREJUVE energy facials for mild resurfacing and skin tightening

PART 2: PREJUVE energy facials for mild resurfacing and skin tightening by Dr. Mary Lupo
The second part of the PREJUVE facial focuses on the Laser Genesis. Dr. Lupo talks about the Laser Genesis, how it can be used to treat acne scarring, active acne and just to top up other treatments as she does for herself.

So now we are doing part II of the PREJUVE energy facial. So the first taping was of the Exilis Ultra Device which is radiofrequency and ultrasound for deep heating and tightening. Now we are doing laser Genesis. Laser Genesis is a micropulsed very fast rapid 10-64 that we use in our practice for a number of things. We use it for general rejuvenation when you want no downtime. There is actually a series of 6 done every 2 – 4 weeks and then improve pores, improve the texture of the skin. It actually helps also with active acne and mild acne scarring. The reason it helps with acne is the deep heating goes to the level of the skin where the pilo sebaceous unit is and where acne actually begins and it actually shrinks the pilo sebaceous units and makes it more likely that your pores will stay clear and there isn’t any inflammatory effect to decrease the inflammation of the acne in those enlarged pilo sebaceous units. So what we are using it for is for general rejuvenation. Now it works particularly well in conjunction with the Exilis device because the Exilis device is done first. When treating deep and superficial we almost always treat the deeper component first and then the superficial component but also the Exilis treatment causes some redness which gives the 10-64 a little bit more target and a little bit more heating because heating is what generates your improvement. So I do this when I want to improve the tone, texture and tightening of my face and neck without any downtime at all and little to no pain. It is best done for most people in a series of a minimum of three up to six. But I just do them every now and then as a booster since I do so many more other aggressive lasers in between so I don’t always have to do anything in a series because I am just using this as a booster for my Fraxel, for my Thermage, for my XLV and IPL and all those other slightly more aggressive things that I do.
Meet one of the countrys leading experts in the field of non-surgical skin rejuvenation.

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Our mission at the Lupo Center is to provide patients with innovative, effective and ethical care to make each person look and feel their personal best. To fulfill our goal, we provide state-of-the-art medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments to all patients.

Board certified dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology Mary P. Lupo, MD has been a leader in the field of non-surgical rejuvenation since 1983. She travels internationally to teach her innovative techniques, and her reputation brings in patients from around the country. She started the first formal residency training program for injectables and peels in 1983 at Tulane Medical School and served as past president of Women’s Dermatologic Society, adjunct professor of dermatology at Tulane and a founder of Cosmetic Boot Camp. Dr. Lupo holds membership in many prestigious dermatology associations, participates in clinical trials for approval of new drugs and devices and acts as an advisor for numerous aesthetic-minded companies.

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