Fraxel Dual

“We utilize the new Fraxel Dual technology which improves both irregular pigmentation and skin texture with minimal downtime.”
- Dr. Lupo
Most adults, at some point, wish that the effects of aging could be slowed, or maybe even reversed at least a little bit. At Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology, Dr. Mary Lupo helps men and women address the various skin concerns that come with age using proven technology and a gentle manner. We are happy to offer Fraxel laser treatments as part of our anti-aging protocol. This form of laser therapy can rejuvenate the appearance of skin by reversing visible signs of aging naturally, helping patients look as young as they feel. The changes that come from Fraxel treatment in our New Orleans dermatology practice are not scary or drastic, they are simply a younger version of you.

Here at the Lupo Center, we use the Fraxel Restore Dual Wavelength System for the most advanced treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, Actinic Keratosis, sun damage, and surface scarring. This system has been chosen out of many options because we want to serve our patients with technology that has a high safety rating as well as proven results for various skin types. An additional benefit to Fraxel treatment is that the patient experiences only minimal disruption in their normal level of activity.

For patients who want to feel good about how they look, who want real results without extensive downtime or drastic changes in their appearance, Fraxel is a great option. This non-invasive laser treatment is designed around each patient, as we have the ability to adjust the level of intensity in each case. Depending on need, Fraxel may provide superficial, moderate, or deeply penetrative treatment of particular skin concerns. The results that can be achieved in a series of treatment sessions are typically dramatic, with skin looking younger, brighter, and smoother in the most natural way.

Fraxel laser treatment may be applied on face, neck, chest, and hands for overall improvement in skin tone and texture. Full face treatment in our office takes only about thirty minutes, though we may schedule additional time to cleanse and anesthetize the skin beforehand. Patients report feeling mild prickling or heat sensations as laser energy is applied. After treatment, the skin may feel slightly sunburned for a few days.

Laser treatments are a wonderful way to rejuvenate the skin. Contact the Lupo Center for your visit with Dr. Mary Lupo.

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