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Laser Hair Removal

“One of the most practical luxuries you can give yourself. Imagine a life without shaving or waxing!”
- Dr. Lupo
For most of history, the only available methods of removing unwanted hair produced temporary results. These methods, such as shaving, plucking, and waxing, may leave skin irritated and bumpy. Through advances in technology in the field of dermatology, it has become possible to get rid of unwanted hair permanently – along with razors, tweezers, and uncomfortable hair removal practices.

In the United States, laser hair removal is one of the most popular laser treatments. Throughout the course of a treatment plan, men and women can effectively eliminate hair on various areas of the body, including the face, arms, underarms, back, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, bikini area, and legs. Most of the time laser hair removal treatment is sought to stop the growth of unwanted hair on a certain part of the body. However, some of our patients find this treatment ideal for the elimination of painful ingrown hairs. A side benefit of laser hair removal is that stubble and dark spots at hair follicles also disappear after hair growth ceases.

The popularity of laser hair removal makes this a prime service at laser centers and med spas. We encourage our patients to avoid such institutions, which have no direct physician supervision and therefore may not be ideal to achieve the best results. Sometimes, excessive hair growth on the face or other part of the body a result of a medical condition. In consultation with a patient for laser hair removal, our Board-certified dermatologist will ask questions that may uncover a potential hormonal problem that requires medical treatment.

Smooth skin that lasts - New Orleans, LA practice welcomes revolutionary SPLENDOR X laser hair removal system

SPLENDOR X Laser hair removal workstation & Logo - New Orleans, LA Patients of all skin types and hair colors can reduce or eliminate unwanted hair, comfortably and safely. For more than three decades, Dr. Mary Lupo has been on the leading-edge of aesthetic technologies designed with the patient experience and optimal outcomes at heart. Dr. Lupo is excited to offer the SPLENDOR X Laser Hair Removal in New Orleans, LA at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology. As an early adopter, Dr Lupo is among a select group of practitioners in the U.S. to treat patients with this system, which elevates permanent and advanced laser hair removal procedures in unprecedented ways.

A revolutionary new hair removal solution

Earlier-generation laser devices for hair reduction or removal were limiting; their effectiveness was confined to individuals with fair skin and dark hair. These devices would search out hairs for treatment, so a contrast between hair and skin color was necessary. Moreover, pioneering devices were risky for individuals with tan skin or darker complexions. Side effects included permanent hypopigmentation or lightening of the skin in the treatment area. Lasers of the time also used shorter wavelengths, so treatment was limited to small areas. In addition to the time commitment, early devices were not well-tolerated by many patients.

SPLENDOR X eliminates all of the concerns and risks associated with first-generation laser systems. Manufactured by a global leader in lasers and other energy-based aesthetic technologies, Lumenis, the SPLENDOR X system has many features that allow superior comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness in the reduction or removal of unwanted facial and body hair. These unique characteristics include:
  • Proprietary BLEND X™ technology – Described as synchronized and adjustable emission of Nd:YAG and Alexandrite wavelengths, this blend allows hair follicles to be targeted at two depths. Treatments are precise for optimal results. Since wavelengths are fired at varying proportions, treatments are also tailored to your unique skin tone, and specific hair color and thickness.
  • Unique UV Skin Marking grid matrix – After one of the Lupo Center’s skilled technicians applies a cooling gel to the treatment area, a square-shaped grid is also applied to guide precision delivery of laser energy from SPLENDOR X’s small, handheld device. Applying the laser to boxes of skin, rather than conventional round spots, allows for the fastest treatment for hair removal as larger areas can be treated at one time. There is no need to retouch areas, which further minimizes burns and other side effects associated with less precise treatment approaches and overlap.
  • Comfortable cooling – Comfort is built-in to the SPLENDOR X system; the advanced handpiece comes equipped with a Dual Cooling System that delivers cold air over the laser beam, right above the treatment area, to actively remove heat from tissues throughout the procedure. Patients may experience a slight sensation, but SPLENDOR X is generally tolerated well due to multiple layers of controlled cooling. It’s also a painless hair removal alternative to other permanent options, such as electrolysis.
SPLENDOR X is indicated to treat skin conditions such as vascular lesions and leg veins. So, you may walk from treatment with less (or no) unwanted hair, as well as more attractive, smooth skin appearance and texture, free of the bumps and discoloration that may also be associated with more time- and labor-intensive hair reduction methods like shaving. How your skin responds to treatment immediately following each session is similar to other noninvasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures; for instance, you may notice temporary redness and swelling limited to the treatment sites.

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During a consultation at our New Orleans office, Dr. Lupo will discuss other considerations associated with this quantum leap in customized laser hair removal; for example, the number of treatments required depends on if you desire to get thinner hair or if you want to remove all of it completely. The larger the treatment area, the more time required (and sessions necessary) to effectively reduce or remove hair.

Furthermore, hair grows in three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen or active, transitional, and resting stages respectively. Hair can only be treated effectively in its anagen or active phase, so it’s not a one and done treatment. Laser energy targets each follicle, through which hair grows. In the days following treatment, hair in the treated follicles can be brushed away. Once follicles are effectively treated, hair can be gone for good. The same can’t be said of temporary methods such as depilatory creams and waxing, which are also cumbersome and costly.

Experience a pain-free way to go hair-free today. Book your appointment today.

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Getting rid of unwanted hair one zap at a time.

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