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Anti-aging treatment in New Orleans: Injection or surgery?


Anti-aging treatment in New Orleans Doing by Dr Mary Lupo
There was a time when looking younger meant going under the knife. However, those days are in the past, thanks to minimally invasive solutions such as Juvéderm, Sculptra and Restylane. Many of our New Orleans patients ask if an injection, or series of injections, will yield the same results as plastic surgery. Comparing a “liquid facelift” with a surgical procedure is not as simple as you may expect, because they are very different techniques.

Is a “liquid facelift” actually a facelift?

The term is very popular, and somewhat misleading. Liquid facelift means one or more injectable products used to reduce wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance. Although that is the same goal as a surgical procedure, the techniques, risks, and benefits are entirely different.

Injectable treatments:

  • Replace lost volume or relax muscles
  • Are completed in a matter of minutes
  • Have little to no downtime
  • Are usually reversible or non-permanent
  • Usually last from several months to a couple of years, depending on the product
  • Can be refreshed and enhanced with a few touch-up injections

Surgical procedures:

  • Remove or reposition tissue (surgery does not generally add volume unless it is an implant)
  • Are usually a lengthy or multi-phase procedure, often performed under general anesthesia
  • Typically have significant downtime, and healing may be uncomfortable or painful
  • Are usually nonreversible, though new wrinkles and sagging skin will eventually appear due to the natural aging process
When you visit us for a consultation, we will answer your questions and explain the pros and cons of each option. If you have severe excess skin, or you want to make dramatic changes in your appearance, we may recommend seeing a surgeon. However, the vast majority of patients simply want to look younger and look better, which can be accomplished beautifully with minimally invasive treatments. Call us at (504) 777-3047 to schedule a consultation.

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