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What is the cost of Restylane lip injections?


Restylane lip injections from Dermatologist in New Orleans
Restylane injections are becoming more popular as patients in New Orleans realizing their potential in augmenting the lips. Patients who want fuller lips or who are interested in treating lipstick lines or smoker’s lines without the cost and risks of plastic surgeries are encouraged to discuss the benefits of using Restylane lip injections.

Restylane defined

Restylane is a brand of filler that is formulated using hyaluronic acid and sodium chloride. This clear, viscous gel is administered into specific areas to add volume. This injectable can be used to improve volume better than some other injectables, and determining which treatment is best for a patient is done during a consultation appointment.

How long does Restylane injection take?

Restylane injections are done right in the dermatologist’s office quickly and easily in the treatment chair. The patient discusses their specific areas of concern, and Dr. Lupo decides if Restylane is the treatment of choice. Patients  can rest easy as a Board-certified dermatologist injects the gel into the lips and surrounding mouth areas for amazing, immediate results. Patients can go about the remainder of their day without interruption or extensive side effects. Results of Restylane can last many months.

How much does Restylane cost?

Many patients are concerned about the cost of cosmetic injectables such as Restylane. Luckily, many patients find this treatment to be extremely affordable, especially when compared to traditional plastic surgery alternatives and the risks associated with these treatments.

Need to learn more about cosmetic injectables?

At the Lupo Center for Aesthetic and General Dermatology, patients have access to Restylane and other popular injectables. If you are interested in lip augmentation and want to achieve results quickly, without plastic surgery, Restylane may be right for you. Determine candidacy by scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Mary Lupo, Board-certified dermatologist, at (504) 777-3047 in New Orleans, LA.

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