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Q. Is there a filler that lasts longer than Restylane?

A. Yes, in a recent study, Radiesse, which is made of calcium hydroxyapatite, was found to last longer than the hyaluronic acid filler Restylane. Radiesse is another gel filler that is FDA approved for facial lines and folds, and has been cleared to be mixed with lidocaine to reduce injection discomfort. Radiesse, in my experience, is an excellent option for cost effective correction of lines and folds. This deep dermal filler is a bit stiffer than Restylane and Juvederm, so it gives more lift. It is often used "off label" in the cheeks, temples, and hands. It is not a good filler for the lips.

Q. My husband has very deep folds around his mouth. What filler is best for him?

A. Radiesse is my favorite filler for men. Since their skin is thicker, the somewhat stiffer dermal fill you get from Radiesse gives it an advantage. It can be used to reshape the jaw line and chin as well.

Q. I am a 52 year old who has done IPL, Botox, and fillers for my face for many years. Most people think I look 40, but my hands are beginning to show my age. Any suggestions?

A. Just like your face, natural aging as well as old sun damage weathers the hands, resulting in age spots. In addition, the loss of collagen and fat make the hands look skeletal and show every vein and tendon. Like your face, a combination approach will work best. I like either IPL or Fraxel Dual for the texture and spots, but to really make the hands look young again, you need 1.5-3 cc of Radiesse injected over two visits. This will make the hands look plump and young by replacing the lost subcutaneous tissue. The veins and tendons will no longer show, so that skeletal look is improved. There will be some swelling for several days and therefore, you cannot wear your rings. The aching can last several days, but the injections themselves are surprisingly painless in this area. It is a great option to make those hands match your pretty face!

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