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Q. How Effective is 1.5cc Radiesse for Deep Glabellar Lines?

A. Radiesse is a stiffer dermal filler compared to the hyaluronic acid fillers and gives quite a bit of lift from each syringe. There are three sized syringes: 1.5cc, 0.8cc and 0.3cc (for minor spot touch-ups). The 1.5 cc syringe is one of the best values in dermal fillers. There are special considerations with Radiesse, however. Remember, Radiesse cannot be used in the lips because of the high risk of nodules in this location. If you get these nodules, they last for years. The glabellar area you are asking about is at risk from a rare complication called vascular necrosis. This is more likely to occur with Radiesse, since it is not able to be dissolved in the event of vascular compression or occlusion. Be sure to go to an experienced injector who understands the risks and how to avoid them.

Q. Is Radiesse a good choice to Widen a Thin, Long Face?

A. Yes. Radiesse is a firm yet moldable dermal filler that can re-volumize long, gaunt faces. In reality, you can do this with any dermal filler.

Sculptra and Radiesse are just the 2 better options in my opinion.

Q. I had Radiesse (one syringe) into both my hands and liked the improvement, but I bruised badly for 2 weeks. Is there another option to make my hands look younger?

A. The answer is more Radiesse, but this time, ask the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to use a blunt cannula. It dramatically reduces the risk that a vessel is nicked and causes severe bruising.

Q. Is the collagen Induced by Radiesse and Sculptra Permanent?

A. Good question! I do not think anyone knows how long the collagen that is stimulated by the injection of fillers last, but clearly, Sculptra results last the longest. The bad news is that Sculptra results usually take 4-6 vials and 6 months to appreciate, so this filler option is not for the impatient. Radiesse gives an immediate effect and clinical results are long lasting (about a year), so it might be preferred by some patients. No collagen is permanent as the aging process and sunlight break it down.

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