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Q. What is the best filler for the frown lines?

A. If Botox or Dysport are tried first, and because there is sun damage and the lines are deeply etched and not eliminated by the Botox, dermal filler should be used to fill in the line and finish the job. My personal favorite is Juvederm Ultra XC, but Restylane is also a safe and reasonable option. The injection must be at the correct depth since an injection too deep can cause a severe complication.

Q. Can I get lip tattoo around the border of my lips (like a permanent lip liner) and also get Juvederm in my lips?

A. While this combination has not been officially tested as safe, I have done Juvederm (and Restylane) on patients who have permanent lip tattoos and have never encountered a problem. Because lip tattoos can cause swelling for at least a week, I would not do the filler for at least 2 weeks after a new tattoo. Likewise, if you have gotten Juvederm recently, I would wait about a month before undergoing a lip tattoo.

Q. I have acne scars. They are indented and I am very self-conscious. They look so bad in photos I avoid cameras completely. Problem is, I have been in such denial, I have waited too long to do laser. You see, I am due to get married in 6 weeks. Can anything help my situation?

A. A good make-up artist can help to camouflage those scars for pictures. Get a practice session and take pictures to see what concealer method works best. I also recommend a dermal filler like Juvederm or Restylane. These hyaluronic acid fillers do a wonderful job filling in indentations and for acne scars, the result is more long-lasting than in wrinkles. The good news is that you get immediate benefits and should have no downtime.

Q. I have wrinkled knees. Can filler be used off the face?

A. Actually, yes. Dermal fillers can be used just about anywhere and the hands, chest and knees are becoming popular areas for treatment with hyaluronic acid products like Juvederm and Restylane. The method of injection is a bit different, but these lines and folds can be improved with 2-3 sessions of filler. There is no downtime.

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