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Q. Is it a bad idea to get Juvederm injected three weeks before a big event?

A. The general answer would be "it is just fine to get Juvederm just three weeks before a big event," but I would like to qualify the answer. First, if it is the first time ever, it is always good to do a dry run before a wedding or big event to make sure you like the artistry of the physician. There is great fluctuation in the results of all fillers and it depends on who is injecting. I always suggest a board certified dermatologist who has a good reputation in your community with filler. If you have had Juvederm before, three weeks is more than enough time for any bruising to resolve. Juvederm is remarkably soft and natural and remember, Juvederm can always be dissolved if you do not like the result.

Q. I am an African American woman, 42 years old. I am very interested in trying fillers, but I want to make sure that they are safe for darkly pigmented, ethnic skin. Can I get Juvederm?

A. Yes, Juvederm and all other FDA approved dermal fillers are safe in all skin types. In fact, I did the FDA phase 3 study in 2004 for approval of Juvederm. I was required to enroll 20% ethnic skin patients. I was very pleased with the effectiveness and safety of Juvederm in all skin types. You are safe to try it.

Q. A friend of mine got Juvederm under her eyes and it looks just terrible. Was this the correct thing to have done? Can it be fixed?

A. Juvederm is used "off label" under the eyes to improve hollowing, but if the patient is over-injected by an inexperienced injector, they will have blue lumps under the eyes. Less is more when injecting this area. The good news is this can be easily removed by having it dissolved by an enzyme called hyaluronidase. It is quick and safe in experienced hands.

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