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Q: How Many Syringes of Restylane for Long Tear Troughs?

A: I always start with just one syringe for both sides. Restylane is my favorite option under the eyes because, in my experience, it swells the least. I never do more than 0.5cc the first visit. It is always easier to add than subtract fillers. I usually combine the tear trough with the cheek for the most natural look.

Q: I have had Botox and it worked pretty well, but I still have a deep furrow between my brows even though I cannot frown. What should I do? Laser?

A: While some resurfacing lasers would help the surface layers of the skin, the easiest option to fix your problem is to add Restylane to the Botox.

When the skin is sun-damaged or you are over 40, many need more than just relaxation of the frown complex. The skin is actually indented from years of sun and frowning, so filling the crease with Restylane will complement the action of the Botox.

Q: I had 1/2 syringe of Restylane injected in my tear troughs 5 days ago at a med spa. I now have deep grooves starting from the bottom of my troughs, running under the cheekbone, extending toward my ears. At first, I assumed it to be swelling but the swelling has subsided and the grooves are still present. Are the new folds/grooves a result of the Restylane? I also have white, bumpy lines in tear troughs and under-eye bags are, unfortunately, still present. Should I have it dissolved?

A: The first thing I suggest is a visit to a board certified dermatologist whose practice emphasizes dermal fillers. It certainly sounds as if you were injected in the wrong plane resulting in grooves and lumps. Restylane is actually my favorite filler in this difficult-to-inject area. It can be easily corrected with Vitrase injections.

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